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K&N Filters is a famous car filter brand. It belongs to the K&N Engineering company, the world’s largest manufacturer of reusable air filters and cold air intake systems.

K&N Filters Background

The history of the brand K&N Filters dates back to 1964, when Ken Johnson and Norm McDonald established a company in Riverside, California, the USA that sold motorcycle spare parts. The entrepreneurs used the initial letters of their names to call their company K&N Engineering. Soon afterwards, the first K&N reusable air filter was made.

At present, the company has representatives not only in the USA, but also in Europe, in Great Britain and the Netherlands, in particular. Its products are in high demand with those who prefer sports driving and wish to increase the power of their cars. The K&N catalogue offers over 5000 kinds of filters and nearly 500 varieties of cold air intake systems. In order to buy K&N Filters products online, contact our website consultants.

K&N Filters Car parts

  1. Filters.
    • Air filters. Cotton fabric impregnated with special oil is used in the production of filtering elements. It doesn’t block the airflow providing a high level of filtration at the same time. Aluminium mesh protects filtering element from deformation. Due to multi-layered design, there several stages of air filtration. The main advantages of these filters are the ability to use this filter many times (withstand nearly 80 cleaning cycles) and long service life (with proper care it can last for 1000000 kilometres).These components feature high performance: after 20000 kilometres their performance reduces by 50% while conventional filters become 60% less effective after 5000 kilometres.
    • Oil filters. Thanks to nut, welded to the top of the filter, it features easy mounting. Have a reinforced design, so they manage to work efficiently even under overload conditions. In the nut of the filters that are installed into racing cars, there is a hole drilled through the wrench-off nut to prevent the oil filter with a safety wire from falling out. There is a metal core inside the component to make it more durable. Cellulose fibres covered with phenolic resin are used as a filtering element. Due to this, a high level of filtration and high oil flow rate are ensured.
  2. Cold air intake systems. Feature easy mounting, because, as a rule, they fit existing factory holes. Cold air intake system kits feature reduced resistance to airflow and, as a result, air gets into the engine in the amount sufficient for fuel combustion. This increases engine power dramatically.
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  • K&N Filters Сar parts: Pollen filter Pollen filter
  • K&N Filters Сar parts: PCV valve PCV valve
  • K&N Filters Сar parts: Intake pipe, air filter Intake pipe, air filter
  • K&N Filters Сar parts: Performance air filter Performance air filter
  • K&N Filters Сar parts: Gearbox gaskets Gearbox gaskets
  • K&N Filters Сar parts: Carburetor flange Carburetor flange
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K&N Filters: Brand's rating


7.81 /10

Reviews - 1887

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Parameters rating +6599 Advantages Disadvantages 317-
Product cost +1822 45-
Product quality +1618 45-
Packaging quality +848 64-
Manufacturer +990 100-
Warranty +1321 63-
Customer reviews
Reviews of Air filter 33-3072

Air filter 33-3072

I’ve used K&N filters for over 40 years and never had a problem.
Reviews of Air filter 33-3007

Air filter 33-3007

Im hopping this filter improves my cars performance.
Reviews of Air filter E-2011

Air filter E-2011

Just to see if it made any difference to the car
Reviews of Air filter 33-3075

Air filter 33-3075

Needed a new air filter
Reviews of Air filter E-2997

Air filter E-2997

Ive used the before
Reviews of Air filter 33-2181

Air filter 33-2181

Recommended to me
Reviews of Air filter 33-5046

Air filter 33-5046

Top air filter !!
Reviews of Oil filter PS-1003

Oil filter PS-1003

great one
Reviews of Air filter 33-3028