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ATE Сar parts, Car detailing, Car tools

Catalogue of manufacturers ATE
The ATE brand promises a really premium quality

ATE brand has a lot of things to offer their customers. The company successfully combines tradition and innovations. And thus today it is one of the best suppliers in Europe. Parts subject to wear and hydraulic parts are wide-ranging on the list of products such as brakes. Original ATE car parts are always very successful on the second market. As a leading supplier of brakes and brake parts the brand is highly competitive on the market. The product range is characterized with high quality products that provide optimum performance.

Spare parts by ATE fit perfectly - each of them individually, and one to the other. What's more, also our tools and numerous services are precisely tailored to our products. This not only facilitates your job. This also gives you the security that everything will be as you want it to be: perfect. Whether it's about performance, comfort or functionality, we have the right product for you, and, of course, always of first-class quality. And we offer much more than in common practice - for example, pre-assembled kits, a recycling/return policy for brake calipers, or ATE’s Classic program on spare parts for vintage and classic cars. In addition, we design brakes for vehicle manufacturers producing small series cars and special vehicles, as well as sports cars, quadricycles, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles, industrial and agricultural vehicles.

Our offer at a glance:

  • disc brakes
  • drum brakes
  • brake fluids
  • hydraulic parts
  • clutch parts
  • electronic components
  • ATE Classic for vintage cars
  • special tools
  • comprehensive services
Various areas for carmakers

Brake booster, brake hoses and brake fluid are only a small part of the range. Electronic components and optimal deceleration values are important in racing. ATE car parts can be optimized with special tools and test equipment, which are also sold. Hydraulic components include wheel cylinder, brake caliper, parking brake cables and brake controller. The range of electronic components is still very small, but the brand has been successful with innovative wheel speed sensors.

Service has priority for ATE

Such parts as clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder and clutch cables are also part of the range. ATE auto parts are at top-level in quality and their price is very low. Service is also very important fort he company. The brand supports workshops and service centres are throughout Germany, and they are informed about the latest technical developments. The superb quality is one more reason why ATE auto parts are more and more used in different car models. Active participation and large presence of the company at trade shows and events is also very valuable for customers. Much information about the ATE products can be obtained personally.

Catalogue of manufacturers ATE online

ATE original products bestsellers

ATE | Brake discs

ATE | Brake pads

ATE | Brake caliper

  • ATE Сar parts: ABS sensor ABS sensor
  • ATE Сar parts: Drum brake Drum brake
  • ATE Сar parts: Brake caliper repair kit Brake caliper repair kit
  • ATE Сar parts: Handbrake Handbrake
  • ATE Сar parts: Brake master cylinder Brake master cylinder
  • ATE Сar parts: Brake hose Brake hose
  • ATE Сar parts: Brake fluid Brake fluid
  • ATE Сar parts: Brake pad wear sensor Brake pad wear sensor
  • ATE Сar parts: Clutch master cylinder Clutch master cylinder
  • ATE Сar parts: Brake drum Brake drum
  • ATE Сar parts: Radiator hose Radiator hose
  • ATE Сar parts: Hand brake cable Hand brake cable
  • ATE Сar parts: Brake caliper bracket Brake caliper bracket
  • ATE Сar parts: Brake shoes Brake shoes
  • ATE Сar parts: Clutch slave cylinder Clutch slave cylinder
  • ATE Сar parts: Brake caliper bolt Brake caliper bolt
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7.71 /10

Reviews - 9026

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Parameters rating +32118 Advantages Disadvantages 2689-
Product cost +8585 433-
Product quality +7643 503-
Packaging quality +4381 457-
Manufacturer +5098 708-
Warranty +6411 588-
Customer reviews
Reviews of Brake Booster 03.7750-4902.4

Brake Booster 03.7750-4902.4

Thanks for the help identifying the part as I didn't have the OEM part number available. Fitted perfect first time and fixed the problem.
Reviews of Brake pad set 13.0470-3838.2

Brake pad set 13.0470-3838.2

Excellent pads!! Excellent performance and NO DUST WHATSOEVER!! Well worth the extra cost for people who hate sooty wheels!!
Reviews of Brake pad set 13.0460-5813.2

Brake pad set 13.0460-5813.2

This product is among the absolute best to buy, Good quality braking and they last long enough!
Reviews of Brake pad set 13.0470-7256.2

Brake pad set 13.0470-7256.2

No BLACK dust , wheels look cleaner for longer and the last set seemed to have a good bite.
Reviews of Brake Booster 03.7863-2202.4

Brake Booster 03.7863-2202.4

price and availability plus ease of ordering. Well done.
Reviews of Brake pad set 13.0460-7266.2

Brake pad set 13.0460-7266.2

ATE are an OEM and my go to brand for brake parts
Reviews of Brake pad set 13.0460-7184.2

Brake pad set 13.0460-7184.2

Research shows ATE pads are a guality product
Reviews of Brake pad set 13.0470-2732.2

Brake pad set 13.0470-2732.2

Good braking efficiency, and low dust !!!
Reviews of Brake pad set 13.0470-7193.2

Brake pad set 13.0470-7193.2

less brake dust and longer lasting brakes
Reviews of Brake pad set 13.0460-2736.2

Brake pad set 13.0460-2736.2

Same as Volvo original but 50% cheaper
Reviews of Brake Power Regulator 03.6582-0118.3

Brake Power Regulator 03.6582-0118.3

price is very good well enginered
Reviews of Holding Bracket, brake hose 24.5004-0001.1

Holding Bracket, brake hose 24.5004-0001.1

Replaces original ATE brackets
Reviews of Brake pad set 13.0460-7090.2

Brake pad set 13.0460-7090.2

They're the OEM and the best
Reviews of Brake pad set 13.0460-7264.2

Brake pad set 13.0460-7264.2

Best score in ADAC tests.
Reviews of Brake pad set 13.0460-7262.2

Brake pad set 13.0460-7262.2

Best score in ADAC tests.
Reviews of Brake Booster 03.7858-3632.4

Brake Booster 03.7858-3632.4

I need a replacement ASAP
Reviews of Wheel Brake Cylinder 24.3219-0909.3

Wheel Brake Cylinder 24.3219-0909.3

Because of best opinion
Reviews of Carrier, brake caliper 11.8170-0633.1

Carrier, brake caliper 11.8170-0633.1

Reviews of Brake pad set 13.0460-7289.2

Brake pad set 13.0460-7289.2

As originally fitted
Reviews of Brake pad set 13.0470-2613.2

Brake pad set 13.0470-2613.2

Perfect, best ever