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BOSCH is one of the world’s leading manufacturers in automotive, construction, industrial technology and energy technology markets, as well as in consumer goods market. You can buy BOSCH car parts online with the guarantee of quality right now in the online-store Buycarparts.co.uk.

BOSCH Background

The brands history dates back to 1886 in Stuttgart, Germany. The founder of the company is Robert Bosch.

Today BOSCH company specialises in automotive and industrial technologies as well as in the production of goods and services both for professional and in-home usage. The car parts sales make up 59% from the total sales revenue. Under the brand BOSCH both original components and aftermarket parts are manufactured. The latter are as reliable as original car parts. Moreover, BOSCH Company owns Bosch Car Service, one of the largest chain of vehicle service stations in the world connecting approximately 16500 stations.

In 2015 company’s revenue exceeded € 70.5 bln while the number of its employees became more than 374 500 people.

BOSCH has approximately 440 subsidiaries and local representatives in almost 60 countries of the world and its products are available nearly in 150 countries.

BOSCH car parts

  • Braking systems. The product range in this category includes more than 10000 items. Components and systems pass the toughest tests at all the production stages, what guarantees their high performance.
  • Batteries. The new generation of components is significant for increased crank current, enhanced operating life and safety.
  • Wipers. BOSCH company produces frameless wipers Aerotwin. The unique aerodynamic design of the components provides their efficient performance under extreme weather conditions. Wipers are fitted with an adapter for quick and easy attachment.
  • Spark plugs. Have the following advantages:
    • fast heating of the engine up to the operating temperature;
    • increased safety of cold start;
    • engine and catalytic converter protection.

The company manufactures innovative Bosch Super 4 spark plugs that work on the surface air-gap principle. Innovative design of this components increases engine performance.

  • Filters. This category of car parts includes fuel, cabin, air and oil filters. They retain debris and harmful chemical agents, what provides optimal engine performance, enhance its life and clean air in the passenger cabin.
  • Automotive lamps. Meet high safety and quality demands. The large product range has various bulbs for headlamps and fog lamps.
  • Drive belts.Made from durable rubber which makes the components extremely durable and protects them from oil, moisture, UV and high temperatures.
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