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Brembo is an Italian company that specialises in the production of braking system components. Car parts from this brand belong to middle and up markets.

Brembo background

Emilio Bombassei and Italo Breda established the Brembo company in 1961 in Bergamo, Italy. At first the company specialised in the production of car braking systems. In 1964 Brembo made an agreement with Alfa Romeo about car parts supplies. 8 years later a similar contract was signed with Moto Guzzi company.

In 80s Brembo decided to focus on the development and manufacturing of innovative products. The company began to make brake calipers from aluminium, which had a unique design. In 1983 Brembo became a part of Kelsey-Hayes group, but 10 years later the Italian company managed to get its independence back.

Today company’s staff has more than 7700 employees who work at 18 work centres and 24 sales offices. Brembo braking mechanisms are used as original equipment in the following models:

  • Porsche;
  • Chrysler;
  • Mercedes-Benz;
  • BMW;
  • Ferrari;
  • Nissan.

The Italian company offers its products in aftermarket as well. In our online-shop you can buy Brembo car parts at the best price.

Brembo Car parts

  • Brake pads. The Company’s catalogue contains over 1400 kinds of brake pads, what covers 98% of European car model range. The surface of the frictional material in these components undergoes heat processing what ensures the highest efficiency even at high temperatures.
  • Brake discs. The product range in this category also covers 98% of European car model line. Brembo discs are corrosion-resistant, have high performance and make driving more comfortable. The company’s catalogue includes several brake discs lines: Brembo Xtra, Brembo Max and also discs for luxury cars.
  • Brake drums. The company supplies nearly 300 kinds of drums for vehicles. Brembo brake drums are made of state-of-art materials what makes it possible to reduce their weight.
  • Brake shoes. The Italian company manufactures about 400 kinds of brake shoes. They don’t use any asbestos in their production.
  • Brake calipers. These components from Brembo braking systems are notable for their high assembling quality and reduced weight.
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