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TRW Automotive is a world leader in the production of steering control and braking system parts. The company products belong to premium class. The company produces original and non-original car parts. At present it is a part of ZF Friedrichshafen AG Concern.

The history of TRW

The history of the company TRW traces back to 1901 when Cleveland Cap Screw Company was started in an American town called Cleveland. Its founder was David Kurtz with four partners. Initially the company was involved in the production of fastening elements for automobiles. Later on the initiative of Charles E. Thompson, a welder, and then of the company general manager the production of valves for automobile engines was started. In 1926 the company was renamed to Thompson Products Inc. The name TRW was used for the first time in 1958 after the merging of companies Thompson Products Inc and Ramo-Wooldridge.

Nowadays the company has 200 branches that are located in 26 countries all over the world. The number of its employees reaches 60 000 people. The company is a supplier of original car parts for more than 40 automobile manufacturers and also produces a wide range of products for the aftermarket. If you have decided to buy automobile by TRW online, then you can easily choose the most suitable auto part for your car on our website.

Car parts by TRW

  1. Components of disk braking system. The category includes:
    • Brake discs. Every year the company produces more than 12 million of braking disks. The company conducts a strict control for the thickness of the part, value of outrun and allowable diameter of center opening during their production. Due to the fact that all parts are packed in special water-proof VCI-paper, there is no need to use protective lubrication. This will make the installation of disks more convenient.
    • Brake shoes. Thanks to the new friction coatingCOTEC the braking distance is decreased up to 7 m. Brake shoes of DTEC series are noted for their low level of dust production.
    • Brake calipers. In total the company has already produced more than 400 million of brake calipers. In addition to the production of new parts the company is involved in restoration of old ones. There are more than 2800 varieties of brake calipers in TRW catalogue.
  2. Brake drums and drive system. This category includes brake shoes for drum brakes, wheel cylinders, brake boosters, clutch cylinders, hoses and cables, repair kits and other products. High quality materials that do not contain harmful substances – asbestos, 6-valent chrome and heavy metals are used for the production of brake shoes. The bodies of braking cylinders can be manufactured from aluminum which allows decreasing the total weight of the structure and reducing the fuel consumption. Sealing elements are noted for resistance to aggressive impact of chemical elements and provide reliable air-tightness.
  3. Steering system and suspension. The category includes:
    • Restored steering racks and pumps. They are of as good quality as new ones. They provide comfortable and safe driving.
    • Stabilizer links. As a rule they are manufactured from plastic that is reinforced with glass fiber. They have an increased durability and resistance to corrosion. They have low weight and provide the high level of comfort during driving.
    • Steering arms. The optimal ratio of their weight and form leads to the reduction of fuel consumption.
    • Steering linkages. They have long service life, since their construction does not include springs – one of the most vulnerable elements of steering linkages.
    • Shock absorbers. The unique technology of piston polishing allowed decreasing its roughness and reaching more qualitative sealing. Pressurized piston seal is manufactured from Teflon.
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  • TRW car parts: Anti roll bar links Anti roll bar links
  • TRW car parts: Control arm Control arm
  • TRW car parts: Brake hose Brake hose
  • TRW car parts: Suspension ball joint Suspension ball joint
  • TRW car parts: Brake shoes Brake shoes
  • TRW car parts: Brake caliper bracket Brake caliper bracket
  • TRW car parts: Hand brake cable Hand brake cable
  • TRW car parts: Inner tie rod Inner tie rod
  • TRW car parts: Tie rod Tie rod
  • TRW car parts: Wishbone bushes Wishbone bushes
  • TRW car parts: Wheel cylinder Wheel cylinder
  • TRW car parts: Brake pad wear sensor Brake pad wear sensor
  • TRW car parts: Brake caliper repair kit Brake caliper repair kit
  • TRW car parts: Brake drum Brake drum
  • TRW car parts: Handbrake shoes Handbrake shoes
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  • Brake pad wear sensor
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Customer reviews
Brake Shoe Set GS8066 Review

Brake Shoe Set GS8066

You are the only supplier I could find that can apparently supply the correct part for my 1976 car: all the others only supply the later post 8/78 parts which will not fit.
Carrier, brake caliper BDA1023 Review

Carrier, brake caliper BDA1023

The price was good and the delivery was reasonable. This part is difficult to source so very grateful that I could find it here. Thanks
Tie Rod End JTE7575 Review

Tie Rod End JTE7575

Looks a bit different than the original, this has a curve that the original does not have. And this is also a little longer but fits.
Track Control Arm JTC1306 Review

Track Control Arm JTC1306

Reputed to be of good quality by other purchasers and far superior in terms of durability than the cheaper alternatives
Carrier, brake caliper BDA667 Review

Carrier, brake caliper BDA667

hopefully it the right items, all the right information came up and these are the cheaper of everybody
Brake Pad Set, disc brake GDB3588 Review

Brake Pad Set, disc brake GDB3588

Had these fitted on my last car and very happy with them seemed quality product at fair price.
Carrier, brake caliper BDA647 Review

Carrier, brake caliper BDA647

I choose this product because of the site lay out and it has the parts I require. Great site.
Track Control Arm JTC968 Review

Track Control Arm JTC968

Reputation for quality and supplier to Mercedes as original equipment manufacturer.
Brake Disc DF6072 Review

Brake Disc DF6072

I've had TRW parts in the past and was impressed with the quality at a good price.
Brake Hose PHD1112 Review

Brake Hose PHD1112

I tried fixing old pipe but just thought reasonable price so I just order one
Brake Disc DF4250 Review

Brake Disc DF4250

Quality of TRW products have always been good and great value for money
Brake Caliper BHN937E Review

Brake Caliper BHN937E

I these items because of the braking system and good price bought for
Track Control Arm JTC105 Review

Track Control Arm JTC105

Recommended to buy TRW as they make the originals for Alfa
Brake Hose PHD1111 Review

Brake Hose PHD1111

I choose this product as it was cheaper than anywhere else
Brake Hose PHD1040 Review

Brake Hose PHD1040

I needed a replacement for the damaged original part
Brake Caliper BHN837E Review

Brake Caliper BHN837E

bought before ..good quality at an affordable price
Track Control Arm JTC919 Review

Track Control Arm JTC919

I chose this product because TRW are a trusted brand
Brake Pad Set, disc brake GDB364 Review

Brake Pad Set, disc brake GDB364

I had limited options because of the age of my car.
Brake Caliper BHW135E Review

Brake Caliper BHW135E

Easy to negotiate site huge range value for money
Ball Joint JBJ723 Review

Ball Joint JBJ723

Very good quality product have purchased before
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