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MONROE Company is the largest manufacturer of car suspension parts in the world. In 2016 the brand celebrated one hundredth anniversary. Over the years of its existence the company hasn’t only managed to maintain its leadership position in the market, but stayed one of the main innovators in its field. Today the owner of the brand MONROE is the American corporation Tenneco Automotive Group.

The history of MONROE Company

The history of the brand began in 1916 when the mechanic and businessman August F. Meyer founded a firm which was engaged in the production of inflators. Soon Meyer found a business partner, Charles S. McIntyre who was a local dealer at Dodge Company at that time. Together they began to work at the development of automotive shock absorbers. The first shock-absorber under the brand MONROE was produced in 1926. Since that time the production of shock absorbers is the key activity area of the company and its products are taken as the quality standard for many manufacturers. According to the statistics about 25% of all the shock absorbers sold in the today’s world belong to MONROE Company.

Its branch companies and firms are situated all over the world including the USA, Japan, Austria, Mexico, South America and Canada. European subsidiary companies - MONROE EUROPE are owners of four factories located in Belgium, Spain and Great Britain. Every day MONROE assembly lines produce more than 90 000 shock absorbers and its products are represented in the markets of more than 150 countries.

Under the brand MONROE there are both genuine car parts and components for aftermarket service. The company supplies with auto parts such automobile manufacturers as Audi, Ford, GM, ISUZU, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Rover, Volkswagen, Renault, Land Rover, Nissan, Volvo, Mazda.

If you want to be sure in the quality of every car spare, you’d better buy MONROE car parts online in our online store.

Car parts by MONROE

  1. Shock Absorbers. The most popular lines of shock absorbers are the following brands:
    • Monroe Original. These shock absorbers satisfy all the requirements of the original equipment due to its characteristics and quality and have at the same time improved damping properties: 15% better in comparison with original equipment. It lets us minimize negative effects of wear for other car suspension parts.
    • Monroe Reflex. Due to the use of Twin Disc technology the valve of the shock absorbers is activated even when there is slight suspension movement. It increases vehicle road holding ability.
    • Monroe Sensa-Trac. Special construction of grooves and valves contributes to the better grip of wheels, especially in extreme situations. These shock absorbers also have excellent damping properties in a great temperature range: from -40 ° C to +120 ° C
    • Monroe Adventure. These shock absorbers are made especially for off-road vehicles and that's why they carry out their function without a hitch in case of high load. They needn’t any bleeding before installation and are notable for their power and durability.
  2. Struts. The company produces both assembled struts and their components. They all meet high quality standards and have strong brand-name package.
  3. Leaf springs, spheres, springs. Among products of the category there are ball shaped springs. Their rigidity increases proportionally together with their pressing. They easily sustain side loads and work quietly.
  4. Steering and suspension. All the car spares are made of qualitative steel, aluminium and rubber. For rust protection the company uses phosphate or cataphoretic coating.
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MONROE | Shock absorber

MONROE | Control arm

MONROE | Coil spring

  • MONROE Сar parts: Strut mount Strut mount
  • MONROE Сar parts: Anti-roll bar link Anti-roll bar link
  • MONROE Сar parts: Track rod end Track rod end
  • MONROE Сar parts: Tailgate struts Tailgate struts
  • MONROE Сar parts: Tie rod Tie rod
  • MONROE Сar parts: Inner tie rod Inner tie rod
  • MONROE Сar parts: Suspension ball joint Suspension ball joint
  • MONROE Сar parts: Wishbone bushes Wishbone bushes
  • MONROE Сar parts: Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops
  • MONROE Сar parts: Control arm repair kit Control arm repair kit
  • MONROE Сar parts: Anti-roll bar bushes Anti-roll bar bushes
  • MONROE Сar parts: Axle bushes Axle bushes
  • MONROE Сar parts: Bonnet struts Bonnet struts
  • MONROE Сar parts: Steering rack boot Steering rack boot
  • MONROE Сar parts: Anti roll bar Anti roll bar
  • MONROE Сar parts: Camber bolts Camber bolts
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  • Tailgate struts
  • Bonnet struts
  • Coil spring
  • Shock absorber
  • Strut mount
  • Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops
  • Control arm
  • Wishbone bushes
  • Axle bushes
  • Anti-roll bar bushes
  • Anti-roll bar link
  • Suspension ball joint
  • Anti roll bar
  • Control arm repair kit
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MONROE: Brand's rating


7.74 /10

Reviews - 5837

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Packaging quality +1676 91-
Manufacturer +2109 158-
Warranty +2877 104-
Customer reviews
Reviews of Shock absorber G8195

Shock absorber G8195

I have used this on all my cars. Works really well. Great after sales service and warranty replacement if necessary (Happened once).
Reviews of Track rod end L16141

Track rod end L16141

Arrived within a week ( including bank hol )looks good quality and packaged well . A question on the product was answered promptly.
Reviews of Anti-roll bar link L27609

Anti-roll bar link L27609

Preference is to buy Sachs or Monroe. Recognised suppliers for parts from my husband's previous "garage/car" experience.
Reviews of Shock absorber 742025SP

Shock absorber 742025SP

the price offered at the time was better than an alternative supplier who had run out of stock after accepting my order
Reviews of Tailgate strut ML6162

Tailgate strut ML6162

The dimensions were correct and it was cheap, except for the postage,! Hope the quality is good
Reviews of Coil spring SP3955

Coil spring SP3955

Website was useful in choosing the right part (hopefully)with good description and information
Reviews of Tailgate strut ML5692

Tailgate strut ML5692

I chose this product because it wasn't the cheapest and I had heard of the manufacturer
Reviews of Shock absorber 43013

Shock absorber 43013

i have used monroe shocks from my youth and it shoud fitt well and give a smoth ride
Reviews of Shock absorber G1343

Shock absorber G1343

Reviews of Tailgate strut ML5130

Tailgate strut ML5130

I chose this product because Monroe is renowned and reliable manufacturer.
Reviews of Shock absorber R2602

Shock absorber R2602

I own a Ford Granada Mk2, I prefer to use your website over EBay. Thanks
Reviews of Shock absorber 23974

Shock absorber 23974

Having had Monroe Products before I Have never had Cause to Complain
Reviews of Coil spring SP3588

Coil spring SP3588

Monroe suspension products have had a good reputation for many years.
Reviews of Tailgate strut ML5836

Tailgate strut ML5836

Monroe is a trusted brand to me, it was either this or Febi Bilstein.
Reviews of Shock absorber T5416

Shock absorber T5416

I choose this product because is matching my part number daf 1924212
Reviews of Tailgate strut ML5918

Tailgate strut ML5918

Monroe is well known brand and one of best for suspension items etc
Reviews of Shock absorber R7610

Shock absorber R7610

Bought the same brand for the rear and pleased with the quality
Reviews of Tailgate strut ML5109

Tailgate strut ML5109

Monroe are a known make to me and appear reasonably priced.
Reviews of Tailgate strut ML5122

Tailgate strut ML5122

It may be a manufaturer that I know from many years ago
Reviews of Shock absorber 376214SP

Shock absorber 376214SP

Monroe is the best name in the market very good price.