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Castrol is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of lubricants for cars, motorcycles, aircrafts and watercrafts, industrial equipment. At present it belongs to the British oil and gas company BP plc.

Castrol Background

The history of the Castrol brand dates back to 1899, when Charles Cheers Wakefield established the CC Wakefield & Company. At first the company was engaged in the production of lubricants for trains and special vehicles. Later, it was decided to start manufacturing their own products for automotive industry. Officially, the brand Castrol was registered in 1909.

At present, Castrol products are represented in 140 world’s countries. The company has offices in more than 40 countries and the number of its employees reaches 7000 people. Apart from the production of lubricants, the company is also involved in research and development activities. New products are created and tested in 13 research centres.

Castrol products are used as original lubricants by car-makers of such cars as Audi, MAN, BMW, Honda, Ford, JLR, Volvo, Skoda, Seat, Tata, Volkswagen and others. There is a wide range of products for the aftermarket in the manufacturer’s catalogue. You can always buy Castrol lubricants online in our online store.

Castrol Products

  1. Engine oils. Differ in viscosity, can be synthetic blends and full synthetic. The most popular series of engine oils are:
    • Castrol EDGE. In this oil series, TITANIUM FST™ technology is used, due to which they managed to double the oil film durability. This reduces the friction of engine components dramatically and ensures its high performance.
    • Castrol MAGNATEC. Oil molecules are capable to cover the surface of the engine elements even after the engine has been turned off. Using oils from this series you protect your engine from wearing out from the very moment it starts.
    • Castrol GTX. Prevents sludge formation, reduces the amount of existing oil deposits in the engine even after a long-term run.
  2. Coolants (Antifreezes). They contain special additives that protect cooling system elements from corrosion and cavitational erosion. Some oil series, for example, Castrol Radicool SF, have a prolonged operational life and can be used for 3 years. Special additives prevent calcium deposits when hard water is used in the system.
  3. Automatic transmission oils. Feature high thermal stability, therefore prevent deposits from forming and maintain the oil viscosity while the gearbox is in use. Do not produce any harmful effect on sealing elements.
  4. Manual transmission oils. Can provide smooth gear change in low temperature environment. Maintain the required viscosity regardless of actual operating conditions. Prolong gearbox service life, lower fuel consumption.
  5. Axle and universal fluids. Feature excellent frictional properties, resistant to high loads and oxidation. Clean components efficiently, protecting their surfaces from abrasive wear. Ensure noiseless axles and differentials operation.
  6. Greases. Prevent parts from jamming and squeaking, reduce their wear, stop rust from appearing and spreading.
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