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Denso is a popular Japanese brand of car parts. Denso became popular due to its high-quality spark plugs.

Denso Background

Toyota Motor that was going through economy problems at the end of 1940s made a decision to exclude the electrical equipment plant from its group. Thus, in 1949 Denso company was founded, but at that time it was called Nippondenso. The young company focused on the production of starters, alternators and radiators.

Bosch had a significant impact on its development. In 1953 the German company began to give technical support to Denso supplying it with its own developments. Since 1972 the Japanese company has been selling internationally opening its plant in Thailand. Since the end of 1980s Denso has been collaborating with Chrysler. Since that time its products has been sold in the USA aftermarket.

Denso company owns a large number of innovations. For example, in 1974 technicians from the Japanese company invented the first spark plug with a platinum electrode being 1.1 mm in diameter. In 1991 Denso made the first ceramic glow plug and in 1999 it created 12-hole fuel injectors.

At present Denso supplies famous car manufacturers with automotive components. Company products are also represented in aftermarket. Denso product range includes low and high market goods. You can buy Denso car parts online on our website.

Denso Car parts

Today’s Denso catalogue includes the following products:

  • engine management systems;
  • cooling and air conditioning systems;
  • starters and alternators;
  • components for diesel engine fuel system;
  • filters;
  • wipers.

Apart from these, spark plugs developed by this Japanese company should be noted. Denso supplies standard, platinum, iridium and TT spark plugs. TT (Twin Tip) spark plugs patented by Denso company have ground and centre electrodes being less than 1.5mm in diameter. They are as good as high-end spark plugs at ignition, but cost less. This can be explained by the fact that TT spark plugs do not contain any precious metals.

One of the latest developments of the company is CoGeneration Spark Plugs – iridium spark plugs for LNG vehicles.

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