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KYB is one of the largest manufacturers of hydraulic equipment. Annually, the company produces more than 75 million of shock absorbers that are equipped into every fifth vehicle in the world.

KYB Background.

The history of the KYB brand dates back to 1919, when Siro Kayaba established a research centre to study hydrodynamics. In 1927, he founded the Kayaba Seisakusho company that made products for aircraft industry. In 1935, the Kayaba Manufacturing Co., Ltd established, employees of which developed the first prototype of a shock absorber. In 1947, it entered mass production. Officially, its new name — the KYB Corporation  — the corporation registered in 2015.

Today, it owns the world’s largest plant that manufactures shock absorbers. The production unit is located in Gifu, Japan. Each year it produces more than 3500000 shock absorbers.

Company’s subsidiaries are located worldwide: in Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, Malaysia, the USA, Brazil, Mexico, Spain and the Czech Republic. Its products are exported into more than 100 countries. More than a million of shock absorbers are produced at its plants every week.

KYB is the largest supplier of springs and shock absorbers for the production lines of many vehicle companies. The company also maintains leading positions in the European aftermarket. You can buy KYB car parts online in our online store.

KYB Car parts

  1. Shock Absorbers. The most widely spread series of KYB shock absorbers:
    • Excel-G. They are the most popular in the world. Provide comfort driving and excellent vehicle handling. In their design, a special three-valve system is used: additional valve reduces foaming and increases performance of the unit. Piston is covered with teflon that prevents cylinder from wearing out.
    • Premium. In the design of the twin-tube shock absorbers from this series, the three-valve system proving riding comfort is also used. Multi-lip rod seals protect a shock absorber from dust and foreign particles from getting into it and galvanized coating of a piston rod prevents corrosion.
    • Gas-A-Just. Self-adjusting shock absorbers from this series provide a vehicle with excellent road adhesion regardless of its type. In the component design, there is a special compartment filled with high-pressure gas. Due to this, Gas-A-Just shock absorbers dampen vibrations 30% more effective than standard twin tube ones.
    • Skorched4’s. Equipped, as a rule, into off-road vehicles, have a reinforced design. Control spring performance effectively, provide body control. Enhanced diameters of cylinders, pistons and rods prevent the part from overheating while in use.
  2. Protection kits. They include dust boots and bump stops. Made of durable and flexible materials that are good dampers.
  3. Coil springs K-Flex. Made using hot and cold coiling technology. Special coating is very flexible and prevents corrosion.
  4. Shock absorber mounts. KYB mounts are sold together with fasteners, strut mounting bearings and other components.
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  • Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops from KYB buy online Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops
  • Coil spring seat from KYB buy online Coil spring seat
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Customer reviews
Shock Absorber 551116 Review

Shock Absorber 551116

I wanted a good price on a decent set of rear shocks for my Mazda RX8 - the fact I didn’t have to pay a delivery charge was a bonus! Would definitely buy here again! Thanks, Darren.
Shock Absorber 341719 Review

Shock Absorber 341719

I have used kyb before and have always found them to be good quality.
Shock Absorber 341143 Review

Shock Absorber 341143

I chose this product because of the high level of good feedback from customers who have used it. The shock absorber is Japanese made, build quality is good, warranty is 80,000 km. Gas shock, ride is better than the standard fitted shock. Recommended. Finally PRICE with Buyparts.co.uk is the best I could find.
Repair Kit, suspension strut SM5216 Review

Repair Kit, suspension strut SM5216

have purchased quality parts from your company before and very satisfied with products and service
Shock Absorber 3348002 Review

Shock Absorber 3348002

I chose this product because I know a good brand and I found it here for a good price.
Shock Absorber 335932 Review

Shock Absorber 335932

I chose this product as they are very high quality and they fit sports suspension.
Shock Absorber 333327 Review

Shock Absorber 333327

From my research KYB are the best option available for my old Nissan Tino
Shock Absorber 333326 Review

Shock Absorber 333326

From my research KYB are the best option available for my old Nissan Tino
Coil Spring RH2640 Review

Coil Spring RH2640

The price is much cheaper than a well known out let for the same part
Shock Absorber 551105 Review

Shock Absorber 551105

It is a mono tube design from a highly reputed shock absorber brand.
Shock Absorber 335922 Review

Shock Absorber 335922

I have them fitted to the rear of my car and they are good quality
Coil Spring RA6160 Review

Coil Spring RA6160

I need one and I trust that I have ordered the correct part?
Coil Spring RX6364 Review

Coil Spring RX6364

It was a reasonable price and good info on part number etc.
Top Strut Mounting SM5077 Review

Top Strut Mounting SM5077

Because I need it ASAP and I know you can deliver. /ulfen
Coil Spring RH1723 Review

Coil Spring RH1723

KYB is known brand, good quality for affrodable price
Dust Cover Kit, shock absorber 910017 Review

Dust Cover Kit, shock absorber 910017

They match the the suspension repair kit i bought
Shock Absorber 344488 Review

Shock Absorber 344488

because i wanted quility and long lasting shocks.
Shock Absorber 341179 Review

Shock Absorber 341179

ı hope will everything good. thanks ı m waitng
Shock Absorber 349018 Review

Shock Absorber 349018

They came recommend and not too expensive
Coil Spring RA5629 Review

Coil Spring RA5629

they are cheap and easy to order on line
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