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Valeo is a French company which produces car parts for passenger and freight transport as well as equipment for service stations. Valeo products are a perfect combination of technical characteristics and affordable price. You can buy Valeo car parts online without overpayment in the online store Buycarparts.co.uk.

The history of Valeo Company

The history of Valeo brand began in 1923 in a French city, Saint-Ouen. Eugene Buisson became the company founder. Originally the firm was named Société Anonyme Française du Ferodo and was engaged in manufacturing brake shoes under the licence of the English company Ferodo. In 1932 the company began to produce clutches. The firm got the name Valeo only in 1980.

Nowadays Valeo Company manufactures car parts, integrated systems and units for automotive industry using its own technological innovations.

Valeo products are represented in the markets of 30 countries situated in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Africa. More than two thirds of all the car spares produced by the company are delivered to the assembly lines of automobile manufacturers such as Renault, Peugeot, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Volkswagen, Audi, Chrysler, Daewoo, Hyundai.

According to the scale of production Valeo takes one of the leading positions in the global aftermarket. Today the company has 134 production sites and 17 research centres and the number of its worker exceeds 82 thousand people.

Car parts by Valeo

Today the company product range includes the following kinds of products:

  • clutch systems;
  • braking system components;
  • lighting units and lamps;
  • engine control systems;
  • filters;
  • safety systems;
  • windshield wipers;
  • heating and cooling systems.

During the whole history of its development the manufacturer implements the latest innovative solutions in its products and due to this all the car parts produced under the brand are famous for their high efficiency, excellent quality and reliability. The company accentuates the necessity of increase vehicle energy efficiency and offers the following solutions:

  • Stop-Start system. It shuts off the engine when the car stops for a while, for example, at traffic lights. It lets you reduce the fuel consumption by up to 15% when driving about the city.
  • LED lighting. LED lamps consume less energy and are mainly used for daytime running lights. They give you new opportunities for your car design.
  • Advanced driver assistance systems. They can carry out various functions beginning from the detection of obstacles finishing with automatic car parking. They considerably increase road safety.
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