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It is not an easy task to become firmly established on a market. Nevertheless, Valeo car parts managed to do this. Valeo is a reliable partner for international automotive manufacturers, offering a wide range of different car parts and replacement accessories. The company was founded in 1923 in Paris and was initially called Ferodo. Initial focus of the company was on brake and clutch fittings. Meanwhile the product range serves many other areas, which include electronic components and thermal systems. The Valeogruppe is a group of 12 subsidiaries, which operate in 29 countries. In addition, 68 research and development centres and around 129 production plants belong to the company.

The goal is to be the biggest automotive supplier

Valeo has set an ambitious target early: the company wants to be the world's largest automotive supplier. The priority is given to customers, especially to drivers. The range of products is so great that every driver can find exactly what he needs. Valeo car parts designed up to 176 articles. These include lighting systems, air systems, braking systems and electrical systems. Engine management and transmission systems products supplement this diversity.

Constant development of products

A lot of car accessories are offered to customers. Replacement parts, such as wiper systems are used by major popular carmakers. French Valeo car parts are of a high-level standard. Low prices and OEM are other features that helped the company to achieve a great deal. A lot of car parts can be purchased in Europe and Asia. Being an automotive supplier, Valeo has developed a good reputation. Many specialists constantly optimize their products in order to deliver customers more safety and quality products.

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