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Replace a Spare part Wiper blade rubber – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Wiper blade rubber

Wiper blade rubbers ensure clean windows, which is naturally important in maintaining good visibility. If used together with high-quality windshield wiper fluid, they are able to eliminate dirt quickly without leaving any stains.

6 tips on maintaining and replacing wiper blade rubbers

  1. Wiper blade rubbers should be replaced on average every six months. As this is generally how long it takes for them to lose their elasticity
  2. In winter it is recommended to occasionally remove the wiper blade rubbers and clean them in warm water. They should be completely dried before they are reattached.
  3. If your vehicle is left outside for long periods in winter, removing the wiper blade rubbers and storing them inside is recommended.
  4. Wipers shouldn't be used without windshield wiper fluid as this will damage the elastic.
  5. It is advised to use ice scrapers and other specialist tools to remove snow and ice rather than the window cleaning system.
  6. If the windscreen is very dirty it is better to clean it with your hands rather than the window cleaning system.

Common wiper blade rubber problems - causes and symptoms

  • Wear and tear - can be caused by using wipers without wiper fluid. Damaged wiper blade rubbers do not clean the window as efficiently.
  • Loss of elasticity - usually happens if a vehicle isn’t used for a long time. When this happens the parts are not pressed against the surface tightly enough and therefore, don’t perform their functions properly.
  • Cracking - is often caused by trying to get rid of ice with the wipers or using the wipers on a dry windscreen. This problems can generally be noticed by dirty stripes left on the window after cleaning it.
  • Deformation - is often caused by exposure to direct sunlight for an extended period. High temperatures can melt the rubber. This issue can be seen when checking the part or can be noticed by dirty areas left on the window. is an ideal place for buying spare parts

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