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Replace a Spare part Wiper Linkage (Wiper Transmission) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Wiper Linkage (Wiper Transmission)

In any car wiper arm system is a part of the wiper, which moves the wiper motor. This does not concern reversible motors operating without leverage, because they are equipped with a control unit. Most cars use two synchronized radial arms, but some commercial vehicles are equipped with one or more levers. Mercedes-Benz was the first who used so-called monoblade. This new system supposes only one windshield wiper, which moves in a "W'-shaped way. In this case the brush is located close to the corners of the windshield, thus repeating its outlines.

If you experience a problem with the windshield wiper and the motor is good, in this case only one windscreen wiper is failed, sometimes both are failed. When this situation occurs, the problem is most likely in worn plastic plates that are on the wiper drive joints. More serious system damage can happen in the result of an accident. It is not difficult to dismantle a faulty car part. First, you need to water the windshield, to start on the wipers for a short period of time and to stop them with the help of an under steering switch. After that they will stop in a home position, which should be marked with an adhesive tape. After that, open the hood of the engine compartment and press the cap and the corresponding nut without turning it completely. Finally, move the wiper arm from the shaft, unscrew the nut completely and remove the wiper arm.

When replacing the wiper arm you will need a new car part. Along with other car parts, such as parking sensors and oil level sensor, do not buy it from repair or other auto shops. Everything you need for your car you will find in our online shop at remunerative prices. Moreover, we guarantee high quality of goods, fast delivery and constant client support.

Wiper Linkage (Wiper Transmission) for SKODA OCTAVIA (1Z3), VW TIGUAN (5N_), SKODA ROOMSTER (5J)

Faults of the wiper operating rod
  • rod bending;
  • mechanical wear;
  • corrosion of metal;
  • insufficient interaction with the motor drive;
  • damage to the joints and connections of the linkage drive;
  • damage to the crank ball.
Symptoms of wiper operating rod failure
  • uneven movement of the wiper;
  • jamming of the wiper arm;
  • irregular arm motion;
  • creak under the hood during wiper movement.
Causes of wiper operating rod faults
  • lack of lubrication in the cavity of the crank ball;
  • damage to the locking ring blades;
  • lack of or insufficient lubrication in the locking ring;
  • mechanical damage;
  • improper fastening of the rod joints;
  • natural wear and tear of joints or rod locking rings;
  • insufficient diameter of the locking ring is used.

To assess the condition of the wiper operating rod, it is necessary to begin with a visual inspection. The rod should be smooth, with no mechanical damage or rust. Particular attention should be paid to the plastic sleeve and locking ring, which provide interaction with the crank ball. You should assess the state of plastic parts and check the lubricant level.

For a more thorough examination it is necessary to completely remove the rods. The part average useful life is not limited, but specialists recommend to diagnose the rods at least once a year, especially after the cold season.

Repair and replacement of the wiper operating rod

The operating rod is a very durable piece, so it needs to be replaced only in case of mechanical damage or corrosion. Nevertheless, the most vulnerable parts of the rod are the locking ring and the bush. If they are damaged, only the replacement of plastic parts is required.

To remove the wiper operating rod, you must first disconnect the wiper arms. To do this, remove the plastic caps and loosen wipers hex nuts.

Next, open the hood and remove the cover of the wiper. Often it is fastened with clips. Next step is to unscrew bolts and remove the wiper linkage mechanism completely.

To replace the rod plastic bushes and locking rings a special repair kit is required, settings of which you need to find in the technical documentation of the vehicle.

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