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Replace a Spare part Windscreen Washer Pump (Windshield Washer Pump) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Windscreen Washer Pump (Windshield Washer Pump)

Washer pump is a part of the wiper, which serves a portion of the cleaning liquid to wash the body windscreen and headlights glass. It is located under the left wing guard inside the washer reservoir. To get it you need to remove the left front wheel and wing guard. The washer reservoir is located under the washer reservoir filler. The reservoir is an elongated vertical vessel in which a motor - the washer pump - is located. As for the pump jack, you'll need to remove the engine cooling system expansion tank, under which is the black motor connector.

The most serious problems that may arise during the operation of the washer pump occur mostly in winter at low temperatures. If you live in a region where winter temperatures drop below zero, you know that water is not supplied on the glass if the washer pump is frozen. In such conditions you can hear a strange sound from the motor that tries to supply water. But in a short time it stops. The water won’t be supplied as it is freezes if you don’t add antifreeze.

There are a lot of advices how to unfreeze the water in the reservoir. You can pour hot water, spirit, which in interaction with water gives heat or pour warm antifreeze liquid. Do not follow all these tips. It will be better to garage the car where, after some time, the water will thaw out naturally. Also do not rush to buy a new washer pump in service centres if it is faulty. It will be cheaper to buy it or roller tensioner, pulse sensor or window lift in our online shop.

Windscreen Washer Pump (Windshield Washer Pump) for VW BORA (1J2), MERCEDES-BENZ A-CLASS (W168), CITROËN C5 I (DC_)

Faults of windshield washer pump
  • mechanical damage to the pump housing;
  • worn or damaged impeller;
  • failure of the switch;
  • clogging of the pump;
  • destruction or damage to the pump bearings;
  • wear of the drive pulley.
Symptoms of windshield washer pump failure
  • insufficient or no pressure of washer fluid spray;
  • washer fluid leakage.
Causes of windshield washer pump faults
  • damage to the washer gasket;
  • blown fuse of washer pump relay;
  • use of low-quality liquid for windshield washing;
  • use of water as a washer fluid in winter conditions;
  • oxidation of the pump electrical contacts;
  • failure of the pump seal;
  • improper connection of the pump;
  • faulty pump switch;
  • use of substandard parts and consumables;
  • clogging of the filter and spraying nozzles;
  • system hoses leakage.

A diagnosis of this part operating status is quite difficult to carry out independently. This is due to its location. The washer pump is located above the left fender liner. To get to it, you must completely remove the wheel and the arch liner. When removing the pump, mark the location of the adapters and the electrical contacts.

The service life of a washer pump is totally dependent on the washer fluid quality. It may be from 2 to 5 years. Diagnostics of washer pump is often neglected because it has a very inconvenient location. Nevertheless, it is necessary to clean the pump itself and the electrical contacts once a year.

Repair and replacement of washer pump

Repair of the washer pump is quite possible, but it is often not carried out due to the low cost of a new part. When buying a new pump it is necessary to take account of its size and power. It is best to install the original item rather than analogues.

After installation you need to fill the washer tank and be sure to remove excess air from the system. If you do not, the pump can be damaged in the first seconds of work.

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