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Replace a Spare part Windscreen wiper arm – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Windscreen wiper arm

Faults of the wiper arm
  • deformation of the arm;
  • metal corrosion;
  • jamming of wiper blades;
  • damage to the arm splines.
Symptoms of wiper arm faults
  • irregular range of wiper motion;
  • jerking wiper motion;
  • poor cleaning of the windscreen;
  • wiper vibration during operation.
Causes of wiper arm faults
  • fasteners looseness;
  • mechanical damage;
  • use of inappropriate components;
  • over-tightening the hex nut;
  • normal wear and tear.

You must first carry out a visual inspection of the part performance. In the presence of rust or deformation of the part, it needs to be replaced. Then you need to bend the wiper and touch the arm fastenings.

Special attention should be paid to the arm splines. They must be clean and undamaged. For a more detailed examination it is necessary to remove the arms.

The average life of the wiper arms is 3 years. It is directly dependent on the conditions and frequency of the part usage.

Repair and replacement of the wiper arm

Repair works on the wiper arm are carried out only in the case of the part deformation. This is considered a temporary measure before the part replacement.

To remove the arm, you have to move the wiper cover cap and loosen the hex nut. Unscrewing it completely is not recommended, because getting into the splines on their own is very difficult. Next, you need to swing the arm and pull it.

When installing a new part make sure that it is properly fixed. The hex nut should be tightened to 20 Nm. This value can be measured with a torque wrench.

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