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Replace a Spare part Wiper Motor (Windscreen Washer Motor) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Wiper Motor (Windscreen Washer Motor)

Wiper motor is an important part of the wiper system, which consists of wiper blades, rubber and wiper pull rod. When the electric wiper motor fails, we must understand that water will not be supplied and wiper blades will not work. There are different reasons of wiper motor breaking, but the main one is energy wire break.

In order to renew the lead, you will need first to remove the left side of the lining at the back of the engine compartment. You need to do this until you remove the windshield wiper arm. After that it is necessary to disconnect the multicontact plug of the electric motor wiper. Next you need to lay two auxiliary wires from the battery to the motor wiper. Wire cable from the positive battery must be connected to the terminal, to which black and grey and green and yellow isolation cables are connected. The last step will be connecting wires to the negative terminal to which a brown isolation cable is connected.

At the same time it is worth remembering that the wiper motor has to work according to the terminals, to which wires from the battery with the first or second speed of movement of blades are connected. If the wiper motor does not start, it is failed. If it operates, the reason for failure was a broken wire or faulty wiper switch. Do not worry if you need to replace the wiper motor. If you want to save your money, you need to buy a new spare part not in a garage but online. In addition to the best prices on parts such as wiper blades, wiper arm and others our online store offers quick delivery and excellent customer service.

Wiper Motor (Windscreen Washer Motor) for VW POLO (9N_), PEUGEOT 306 Break (7E, N3, N5), FORD FIESTA V (JH_, JD_)

Faults of wiper motor
  • the motor is not turning on;
  • wipers only work at one speed;
  • wipers do not work in intermittent mode.
Symptoms of wiper motor faults
  • the presence of strange sounds during wiper system performance;
  • glass accumulates a significant amount of water;
  • unstable operation of both or one of the wipers;
  • presence of mud stains after the cycle of the wipers.
Causes of faulty wiper motor
  • deformation of arms;
  • wiring breakage;
  • short circuit in the armature;
  • failure of the motor gear cam;
  • oxidation or partial closure of the limit switch contacts in the motor;
  • broken wires in the armature winding of the electric motor;
  • Incorrect installation of levers.
Replacing wiper motor

To replace the wiper motor, you should:

  • put the wiper levers upright and unscrew the nuts;
  • disconnect "minus" from the power supply;
  • dismantle the wiper arms and caps on each side;
  • unscrew the mounting bracket nuts;
  • dismantle the rubber washers;
  • remove the cover from the fuse and relay box after removing the connector with wires from the pad;
  • unscrew the bolt of a wiper arm;
  • tuck the plastic wires retainer and get it out of the hole;
  • pull out the wiper shaft mechanism through the holes and pull out the wiper.
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