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Replace a Spare part Windscreen Washer Reservoir – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Windscreen Washer Reservoir

Malfunctions of windshield washer reservoir

  • mechanical damage to the body or the cap
  • clogging of filter cartridge
  • inside contamination
  • wear or loosening of mountings

Signs of windshield washer reservoir malfunctions

  • liquid is delivered on windscreen with low pressure or is not delivered at all with an operating motor
  • traces of washer fluid on the part surface
  • low level of washer
  • background noise in the left side of the hood and in the front left fender area

Causes of windshield washer reservoir malfunctions

  • usage of low quality washer
  • usage of regular water instead of special liquid during winter season
  • force impact
  • low temperature impact
  • installment of a low quality part


There is no need to visit a service station for a windshield washer reservoir diagnostics. You can examine it on your own and identify damages and contaminations. For assessing the filter state, it is necessary to disconect the motor, after you have removed a terminal from the battery, wires and drained the reservoir. Presence of leakage on the tank body upper part stands for the cap tightness violation. Be sure to check the mounting bolts tightness.

A windshield washer reservoir has no certain service life period. Replacement is required in case of any mechanical damages and wear.

Repair of windshield washer reservoir

Repairs are the filter element replacement, which situates under the motor. To do this, first disconnect all the wires, then remove the motor and empty the tank. Replace the filter, if it is damaged, or wash it with water and place it back.

Freezing of the tank and the liquid inside is a common problem. It is possible to solve this malfunction by pouring warm water into it, but very carefully so that the tank does not crack.

Replacement of windshield washer reservoir

For windshield washer reservoir replacement you will need:

  • take off the terminals from the battery
  • disconnect wires and tubes from the motor
  • disconnect the fluid level sensor
  • unscrew the fastening bolts
  • remove the reservoir and install a new part in its place
  • pour fluid into the tank

If the reservoir is situated in a hard-to-reach place and you need to take off a wheel and a fender for its replacement, then contact a service station.

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