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Replace a Spare part Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

Faults of particulate filter

  • melting of the part body;
  • mechanical damage to the filter;
  • blockage of the cells with ash.

Symptoms of particulate filter failure

  • particulate filter malfunction indicator lights on the dashboard;
  • engine power and torque decreased;
  • thick white smoke from the exhaust pipe at idling;
  • increased level of engine oil;
  • increased fuel consumption;
  • operation of the engine is unstable and is accompanied by a hissing sound;
  • increased concentration of soot in the exhaust gases.

Causes of particulate filter failure

  • using low quality diesel fuel (with high sulfur content);
  • there is no complete combustion of the soot due to low exhaust gas temperature;
  • filter regeneration starts when driving with an almost empty fuel tank;
  • the vehicle is operated in the mode of low speed and constant stops (usually in the big city with traffic jams on the roads).

Diagnosis of the particulate filter

Diesel particulate filter is an expensive item, so it is in your best interest to control its state and the contamination level. To do this, you should carry out inspections in due time and observe the signals of the vehicle diagnostics system.

When using high-quality diesel fuel and the corresponding oil, with timely additives refilling the service life of the part is about 250-300 thousand kilometers. The worst operating conditions of the diesel particulate filter are a low vehicle speed and frequent stops, in which case the diagnosis of the item is recommended more often.

Repair and replacement of the particulate filter

Repair of the filter is its cleaning. Employees of all service centers quickly cope with this task, washing device with special reagents. You can clean the particulate filter on your own, using a special additive in the fuel. Also, experts advise to drive 30-40 km on a full (or above average) engine workload from time to time that activates a passive filter regeneration.

If the item is in disrepair or melted due to overheating of the system, the only way out is replacement. Given the high cost of diesel particulate filter, this procedure is better to entrust the professionals.

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