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Replace a Spare part EGR valve – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about EGR valve

The exhaust gas recirculation valve is a part that connects the intake and exhaust manifolds. It serves for redirecting exhaust gases back into the combustion chambers for improving the combustion process. This allows to reduce toxicity of exhaust gases and save fuel.

6 tips for use and replacement

  1. Only use high-quality fuel. Various additives contained in poor-quality fuel, such as aromatic hydrocarbons, lead to increased formation of carbon deposits on parts of the engine and exhaust system.
  2. Replace the air filter in due time. Due to its being clogged, less air than required is supplied to the engine. This causes enrichment of the air-and-fuel mixture. As a result, unburnt fuel can ingress into the exhaust system and burn out there, which is dangerous for all exhaust system elements.
  3. Prevent motor oil from getting into the combustion chambers. Worn piston rings and valve stem seals can cause oil burning in the engine combustion chambers. This will lead to increased formation of carbon deposits.
  4. Ensure proper operation of the ignition system. Misfire caused by malfunctions of spark plugs, ignition coils, or wires can also cause fuel burning out in the exhaust system. Due to extremely high temperatures, the catalyst can get damaged. Its wear products also lead to accelerated clogging of the valve.
  5. Clean the EGR valve from time to time. There are special products intended for this. Usually they are produced in the form of sprays to be dispensed into the engine intake manifold with the help of a hose.
  6. When replacing the exhaust gas recirculation valve be sure to clean the lines of the system and their connections, and in case there is a problem, try to eliminate its cause to prevent the new part from quickly getting dirty again.

Malfunctions of the exhaust gas recirculation valve, their causes and symptoms

  • Very slow activation. Due to fouled moving elements, the part opens and closes with a delay. At this stage, the problem is hard to detect. However, In some cases you may notice unstable idling of the engine.
  • Seizure. It is caused by heavy soiling, malfunction of the electric motor or the power supply circuit of the unit. If the valve is jammed open, fuel consumption increases, and the engine power is significantly decreased. Operation of a diesel engine becomes noisier. A petrol one may work with knocking, which comes with specific popping sounds. A constantly closed valve can also cause increased fuel consumption, and lead to higher concentration of harmful substances in exhaust gases.
  • Burning-out. It is caused by significant increase of temperature in the exhaust manifold, for instance, due to fuel burning in it. Usually it comes with the same problems as jamming of the exhaust gas recirculation valve in the opened position. is the perfect place to buy car parts

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