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Replace a Spare part Exhaust Manifold (Exhaust Header) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Exhaust Manifold (Exhaust Header)

Manifold complexity and impossibility to combine necessary conditions in this type of construction causes a variety of intake manifolds in car engines. The main manifold’s function is to distribute evenly combustible mixture among the cylinders. Because of some special features of mixture distribution it is required to follow some certain conditions, such as the small size of the pipe in order to maintain the high speed mixture at low engine speeds and sharp corners instead of smooth curves in places of direction changing. That is what makes turbulence and maintains fuel in the air in a suspended state.

As for heating of the intake manifold, the use of heat for the evaporation of fuel is necessary in order the fuel to be distributed evenly among the cylinders. After this an easy ignition of the fuel and complete combustion is provided. Previously in cars a too strong heating of the fuel was used. As a result, exhaust gases contacted with the intake manifold, which reduced productivity. Today a moderate heat is mostly used. It should also be noted that heat gets into the intake manifold in two ways. First, when heat is transferred from the cylinder block through a collector seal. The second way is when heat is transferred from the coolant, which circulates inside the circuit.

Until the car engine is not warmed up, the heat is not transmitted to the manifold. For this purpose, modern cars are equipped with engines with electric heating devices, which, when you start the engine, provide additional enrichment of the mixture. If the manifold fails, do not hurry to purchase a new spare part from the service station where you are gong to replace it. In order to save, get to know a lot of offers in the Internet. We assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised at prices for distributor rotor, brake drum or rear muffler. Do not forget that in addition to the wide range of goods, moderate prices, our online store also offers fast delivery and excellent service.

Exhaust Manifold (Exhaust Header) for FORD SCORPIO I (GAE, GGE), VW GOLF IV (1J1), MERCEDES-BENZ Saloon (W124)

Faults of manifold
  • corrosion;
  • mechanical damage and deformation of the manifold;
  • normal wear and tear;
  • deformation of manifold studs.
Symptoms of manifold failure
  • strange noises in the engine;
  • exhaust gas under the hood;
  • increase in fuel consumption;
  • the lambda probe readings;
  • exhaust smell in the cabin.
Causes of manifold faults
  • depressurization of the manifold;
  • sudden changes in the part temperature;
  • vibration and the lack of flexible joint;
  • damage or wear of seals;
  • damage to manifold mountings.

To assess the state of the exhaust manifold it is necessary to dismantle it. First the part geometry is checked, as well as presence of mechanical damage. Next, the tightness of fasteners. It is necessary to ensure the integrity of the system to prevent exhaust leakage. For more detailed diagnostics the part is checked on the stand and computer diagnostics is run.

Service life of cast-iron manifold is about 3 years. At the same time stainless steel manifolds with no mechanical damage can regularly work up to 7 years, because they do not corrode.

Repair and replacement of manifold

Minor damage and malfunctions can be resolved without having to install a new part. Small holes can be welded using a welding machine. Stainless steel parts in such case lose some of their properties and become more fragile. Milling is used to restore the original shape of the part. This kind of preventive maintenance allows to extend the part service life. If corrosion damage occurs, only manifold replacement is required.

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