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Replace a Spare part Exhaust Mounting Kit – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Exhaust Mounting Kit

Failures of the exhaust system mounting kit

  • faulty dampers;
  • failure of clamps;
  • destruction of the graphite ring;
  • failure of bolts and fasteners;
  • faulty spring mounts;
  • breakage of oxygen sensor extension.

Symptoms of the exhaust system mounting kit failures

  • noise in the exhaust system of a vehicle;
  • rocking of the exhaust system while driving;
  • silencer hitting on the vehicle bottom while driving.

Causes of exhaust system mounting kit faults

  • fasteners looseness;
  • use of the mounting kit not suitable for a specific car model;
  • corroded parts;
  • icing of fixtures in the cold season;
  • traffic accidents;
  • careless driving;
  • chemical exposure.


To check the condition of the exhaust system mounting it is required to lift the car with a jack or  secure it on the hoist. Probe all fasteners for seating tightness. If necessary, tighten the bolts with a wrench.

Inspect rubber gaskets. At their displacement or damage installation of new seals is required.

Replacement of exhaust system mounts

First buy a mounting kit. Note: when you buy it, you should be considerboth  the model and the vehicle equipment configuration. Mounting kits have different characteristics of parts suitable for a particular car type.

Sometimes fixings wedge and cannot be unscrewed by conventional methods. If possible, cut them with a hacksaw for metal and try not to damage the exhaust system.

The silencer must not touch the elements of other systems, particularly the wiring. Try to shake the silencer by hand. If the mountings keep the correct position of the exhaust system, the installation was successful.

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