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MAHLE Original – is a well-known German brand, under which a wide range of components for engines, filters and other car parts is presented. It belongs to the company MAHLE GmbH – a large supplier of auto parts of cylinder-piston group for companies that are involved in production of internal combustion engines.

The history of MAHLE Original Company

The history of MAHLE Original brand started at 1920 when the German Engineer Hermann Mahle began working in the auto shop run by Hellmuth Hirth – a well-known pilot and inventor who designed the first two-stroke engine. Two years later Herman’s brother, Ernst Mahle became the head of the technical department. In 1938 the brothers officially became partners and the company received its modern name and logo.

MAHLE engineers has had a great number of achievements, among which there is the invention of light-alloy pistons, the development of first air filters and other innovations. At present the company is an owner of more than 170 factories and 30 research centers where more than 76 000 people work. The General Headquarters is located in Stuttgart, Germany.

Car parts that are produced by MAHLE GmbH are used as genuine ones for vehicles of such brands as Ford, Opel, Chevrolet, Volkswagen, Porsche, Ferrari, Saab, Audi, Alfa Romeo, BMW, Mitsubishi, Skoda, Land Rover, Suzuki, Mercedes-Benz and are also widely represented in the aftermarket. That is why everyone who visits the online shop can buy auto parts by MAHLE Original online for their vehicle.

Car parts by MAHLE Original

  1. Turbochargers. They withstand extreme loads – up to 300 000 revolutions per minute, they are able to work in the temperature of exhaust gases that is above 1000 oC. They are supplied with vacuum regulators that adjust the flow stream pressure of exhaust gases. The body of the car parts is manufactured from durable and thermal-resistant raw materials. The structure of the wheel promotes noise abatement during compressor operation. The special surface prevents the turbocharger from early mechanical failure.
  2. Filters.
    • Air filters. They entrap up to 99.98 % particles of soot, dust and products of tire wear with a size of up to 3 micrometer. In order to protect it from the moisture impact and chemical elements the filter paper is processed with a special synthetic resin.
    • Fuel filters. They provide a pulseless flow of fuel. Filtering elements are manufactured from high quality cellulose and effectively purify the fuel removing foreign materials and moisture.
    • Oil filters. Special powder surface protects the body of the car part from corrosion. The presence of spring in the structure of the body provides accurate placement of the cartridge during its replacement. The internal shell prevents dislodgement and deformation of the filtering element.
    • Cabin air filters. They are produced from eco-friendly raw materials – polyether foam or polyether nonwoven fabric. Depending on the type they are able to withstand maximum temperature in the range of 90-100 oC. They can undergo secondary processing.
    • Moisture separator sockets. They effectively absorb moisture protecting the elements of the pneumatic systems from corrosion.
  3. Engine Components.
    • Pistons. They are noted for low weight and durability. They can operate under the pressure of more than 200 bars.
    • Valves. They are manufactured from strong and thermally resistant raw materials with addition of nickel and nitrogen. For using in heavy-duty environments, the company recommends hollow valves that are filled with sodium which considerably lowers the temperature of the valve head.
    • Piston rings. They can withstand temperature of more than 2000 oC and pressure of higher than 200 bars. There are microscopic pores that absorb the oil on the surface of the rings and provide high quality lubrication of contacting surfaces.
    • Cylinder liners. They are noted for their resistance to temperature and pressure fluctuations. They are supplied with solid sealing.
    • Sleeve bearings. Ionic-plasma spattering increases the car part resistance to abrasive wear and mechanical damages.
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