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Japanparts is a European leader among importers and distributors of car parts intended to Asian vehicles, mainly, as well as for some American cars. The company supplies mid-end products for car after-sales service. As far as specifications and reliability are concerned, they are as good as OE. You can buy Japanparts Car parts in the online store buycarparts.co.uk

Japanparts Background

The Japanparts company was established in 1988. Together with Menbers S.p.A. and Cobo S.p.A., it is a part of the Automotive Valley group. The distributor specialises in supplying auto parts for vehicles made in the USA, Japan and South Korea.

The company’s average annual turnover exceeds €30 million. 55% of products are sold in Italy and 45% are supplied for the international market. Components sold under this brand are represented in more than 150 world’s countries.

Japanparts imports only those car parts that comply with the highest quality standards. The company renews its product range all the time immediately reacting to any changes in customers’ demand. Due to the highly developed logistics network, the firm fulfils obligations to its customers.

Japanparts Car parts

  1. Filters:
    • air;
    • cabin;
    • fuel;
    • oil.
    Remove all possible harmful contaminants and fully complies with modern environmental requirements. Fuel filters provide engine high performance, lower fuel consumption and guarantee long life of all fuel system components.
  2. Brake system elements. The product range includes:
    • brake pads;
    • brake discs;
    • brake drums;
    • hydraulics.
  3. Clutch elements. The Japanparts company offers clutch kits with or without flywheels.
  4. Suspension and steering elements. Under this brand, they also produce shock absorbers that dampen vibrations effectively while driving along a highway or off-road.
  5. Alternators, starters. Made using cutting-edge technologies and due to this, they feature reliability and long service life.
  6. Valve train. Provide timely supply of fuel-air mixture or air and fuel for the engine cylinders depending on the type of the engine and exhaust gas outflow. Work efficiently even under overload conditions. This category covers:
    • tensioners;
    • belts;
    • chains;
    • repair kits.
  7. Windscreen wipers. Together with standard wipers, in the product range, there are also hybrid ones with plastic covers. They provide additional protection from dust and moisture and tighter gripping improving wiping performance.
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JAPANPARTS | Air filter

JAPANPARTS | Oil filter

JAPANPARTS | Fuel filter

  • JAPANPARTS car parts: Brake pads Brake pads
  • JAPANPARTS car parts: Pollen filter Pollen filter
  • JAPANPARTS car parts: Brake discs Brake discs
  • JAPANPARTS car parts: Anti roll bar Anti roll bar
  • JAPANPARTS car parts: Shock absorber Shock absorber
  • JAPANPARTS car parts: Windshield wipers Windshield wipers
  • JAPANPARTS car parts: Anti roll bar bushes Anti roll bar bushes
  • JAPANPARTS car parts: Wheel hub Wheel hub
  • JAPANPARTS car parts: Leaf spring Leaf spring
  • JAPANPARTS car parts: Track rod end Track rod end
  • JAPANPARTS car parts: Wishbone bushes Wishbone bushes
  • JAPANPARTS car parts: Clutch kit Clutch kit
  • JAPANPARTS car parts: Control arm Control arm
  • JAPANPARTS car parts: Wheel bearing Wheel bearing
  • JAPANPARTS car parts: Drive shaft coupling Drive shaft coupling
  • JAPANPARTS car parts: Cv joint Cv joint
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  • Air filter
  • Oil filter
  • Fuel filter
  • Pollen filter
Heating / ventilation
  • Anti roll bar
  • Anti roll bar bushes
  • Wheel hub
  • Wishbone bushes
  • Control arm
  • Wheel bearing
Wheel drive
  • Drive shaft coupling
  • Cv joint
Windscreen cleaning system
  • Windshield wipers
JAPANPARTS: Brand's rating


7.77 /10

Reviews - 5522

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9 (1482)
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Parameters rating +18795 Advantages Disadvantages 869-
Product cost +5185 111-
Product quality +4580 132-
Packaging quality +2376 165-
Manufacturer +2887 257-
Warranty +3767 204-
Customer reviews
Shock Absorber MM-55600 Review

Shock Absorber MM-55600

I failed my MOT in spectacular fashion! These parts were easy to find and priced very well.
Shock Absorber MM-70018 Review

Shock Absorber MM-70018

Best price I could find and your site seemed to have good reviews
Air Filter FA-199S Review

Air Filter FA-199S

It looks like the right one and it's good enough for my old car.
Oil Filter FO-H01S Review

Oil Filter FO-H01S

I trust parts more that come from the far east
Shock Absorber MM-00733 Review

Shock Absorber MM-00733

LOOKING QUITE GOOD / Not purchased as yet !!
Brake Pad Set, disc brake PA-452AF Review

Brake Pad Set, disc brake PA-452AF

I have only good experience whit these pads
Brake Disc DP-H04 Review

Brake Disc DP-H04

it was fitted to the car previously
Shock Absorber MM-00160 Review

Shock Absorber MM-00160

It corresponds to the OEM Part No.
Brake Pad Set, disc brake PA-2000AF Review

Brake Pad Set, disc brake PA-2000AF

The price is reasonable for it.
Oil Filter FO-021S Review

Oil Filter FO-021S

Good quality filters
Oil Filter FO-316S Review

Oil Filter FO-316S

Very good quality
Shock Absorber MM-33052 Review

Shock Absorber MM-33052

right price mono
Filter, interior air FAA-DDW12 Review
Shock Absorber MM-40017 Review
Fuel filter FC-237S Review
Wiper Blade SS-X35R Review
Air Filter FA-014S Review
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