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Replace a Spare part Reluctor Ring (ABS Ring) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Reluctor Ring (ABS Ring)

ABS tone ring is located on the CV joint. It rotates together with the wheel and allows the ABS sensor to get information about driving speed. This in turn gives a signal to the ABS control unit about necessity of the system actuation.

3 tips on ABS tone ring usage

  1. The component lifetime greatly depends on the driving style and road conditions the car is used in. Try to avoid emergency braking in order to prolong ABS tone ring lifetime.
  2. When mounting a new component make sure it complies with your car model. The ring of inappropriate size can work incorrectly or even fail to be installed on the CV joint.
  3. Inspect the sensor and the ABS tone ring from time to time and clean them of soiling which affects the components negatively.

Defects of ABS tone ring, their causes and signs

  1. Breakage. If it takes place, spontaneous incorrect responses of the system at braking appear. The ABS tone ring can blow out as a result of material ageing or mechanical impact during repair.
  2. Wear-out of teeth. Activation of the ABS defect sensor is a sign of it; in this case computer-aided diagnostics shows errors of the ABS. The cause of it can be frequent off-road driving  and low quality of material the detail is made of.
  3. Corrosion. It appears when moisture and road grit get onto the ring. In this case geometry of the component is compromised, false actuations of the ABS appear which are noticeable for the driver by steering wheel and brake pedal vibration; the ABS indicator is off on the dashboard in this case.

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