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Replace a Spare part Brake caliper repair kit – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Brake caliper repair kit

A brake caliper repair kit serves for its restoration and, in many cases, allows to avoid expensive replacement of the unit .

Contents of the Caliper rebuild kit

Commonly, the brake caliper repair kit consists of:

  • sealing elements;
  • guides;
  • caliper springs;
  • cylinders;
  • retaining rings;
  • products for guides greasing;
  • fastening bolts.

Functions of the brake caliper repair kit

The most vulnerable elements of the brake caliper are rubber elements: they are deteriorated quite fast under the influence of aggressive environment. Ignoring this problem may cause breakdown of guide sleeves, so if you noticed that the seals are worn-out, buy a corresponding repair kit and replace them.

Also, with the help of the repair kit, screech and rattle of braking pads can be eliminated; and reliability of caliper fastening, and pistons mobility can be restored.

Usage of the Caliper rebuild kit

During operation of the brake caliper you may encounter such defects as:

  1. Guides jamming. It occurs when dust boots are damaged, which leads to ingress of moisture and dirt to components, causing them to rust. Sometimes, the guides immobility is caused by lack of greasing or the use of an improper one, such as lithium or graphite lubricant. Under the influence of ingredients of such greases, rubber bushes swell up and block the free caliper movement. If the guides are immobile, only one brake pad is pressed against the disk during braking. Correspondingly, it wears faster. Having noticed that the residual thickness of the inner pad in smaller than that of the outer one, check the guides and replace them if necessary.
  2. Pistons jamming. As in case with guides, this defect may be caused by tearing of the rubber seal. Moreover, the piston may rust due to failure to replace the braking fluid according to the prescribed schedule. Defects in pistons operation may be suspected by wheel jamming that will be noticeable when rotating it by hand. Vehicle skidding during braking may also indicate the defects of the pistons.
  3. Breakage of caliper springs. Usually it is connected with poor quality of construction material or metal fatigue. It manifests itself as appearance of unusual sounds during driving. It can be the cause of brake disc damaging.

Remember: jamming of the brake caliper often leads to overheating and breakdown of wheel hub bearing, and also lowers the braking efficiency. That is why one shouldn’t delay the elimination of the unit defects. Commonly, the most simple and efficient way to solve the problem is to buy and install a repair kit.

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