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Replace a Spare part ABS Sensor (Wheel Speed Sensor) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about ABS Sensor (Wheel Speed Sensor)

ABS sensor is a component of the anti-lock system that prevents locking of wheels when braking. The main function of the system is to prevent the loss of controllability of the vehicle in case of sudden braking, as well as to exclude the possibility of uncontrolled sliding. As a component of the complex electronic braking system, the system an Electronic Traction and Electronic Stability Control systems and emergency braking assist.

The system work is quite simple: when the vehicle is riding, wheel contact patch is stationary against the road. Thus, static friction force is acting on the wheel. Deceleration when the car wheels rotate at speed that matches the vehicle speed is much better than deceleration when the wheels slip relative to the roadway.

For beginner car owner presence of ABS system plays an important role, since it allows using the emergency braking in a simple way. But sometimes the ABS system on the contrary leads to the braking distance increase. This happens on snow, sand or gravel, when the locked wheels start to sink in the loose surface when braking. The result of this is an additional deceleration. This is the reason why in some cases you can turn off the system. If the ABS light is on, or in cases where it is not on, but you press on the brake pedal and before the full stop the ABS system is actuated, the reason for this is failure of one of ABS sensors, which are located on each wheel. Do understand which sensor malfunctions you need a simple tester. To do this, adjust the switch of the tester to the 20 kohm position and start searching for a faulty sensor.

It is easy to change the sensor. First, you need to unscrew the bolt. Then you can get the sensor from the mounting hole. However, be careful not to damage the ABS gearwheel. In some cases it is necessary to disassemble the brake disc. You can easily buy a new sensor in the online store without additional cost and in short terms. Moreover, in our online shop you will always find washer pump, air conditioner wiring and many other spare parts for your make of car.

ABS Sensor (Wheel Speed Sensor) for VW PASSAT (3C2), PEUGEOT 607 (9D, 9U), SUZUKI SWIFT III (MZ, EZ)

Faults of ABS and ESP sensors
  • incorrect operation of the sensors;
  • mechanical damage of the sensors;
  • short circuit or corrosion;
  • wiring fault.
Symptoms of ABS and ESP sensor faults
  • wheel slips during hard start or skids during emergency braking;
  • the ABS and ESP indicator readings;
  • loss of engine power;
  • increase in fuel consumption;
  • increase of braking distance on slippery roads.
Causes of ABS and ESP sensor faults
  • incorrect connection of sensors;
  • damage to the sensor chip;
  • faulty sensor fuses.
  • brake system malfunction;
  • systematic jump-starts of the car;
  • emergency braking at high speed.

Evaluation of the ABS and ESP sensors requires oscilloscope and multimeter. The resistance between the contacts of the sensor should be in the range of 1-1.5 kW. In case of exceeding resistance, check the fuse and wiring. The software also needs to be scrutinized, as electronic failures can cause mechanical error.

As a control the test replacement of sensors for known good ones is carried out. When trouble occurs with the test sensors, relating systems are checked. Also, when using non-original sensors, errors may cause insufficient alignment of contacts.

As part of the diagnosis it is necessary to evaluate the performance of the brakes. At a special stand the effectiveness of the traction control and anti-lock system are checked.

Repair and replacement of ABS and ESP sensors

To carry out repair works first you need to determine the source of the fault, which is possible only at a comprehensive diagnosis. If the sensor chips are damaged, it is quite possible to restore them, but this kind of work is very rare even in large garages.

When braking the vehicle at a speed above 100 km/h, overload can cause a malfunction in the settings of the sensor. In this case, their checkout and subsequent verification are required. Replacement of the defective items must be carried out only at service stations.

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