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Replace a Spare part Brake Hose – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Brake Hose

Brake system of any vehicle serves to change the speed of the car, stop it and hold in place for some time due to the fact that there is the brake force between the road and the wheel. Brake hoses are part of the braking system and used in the car to supply fuel and lubricants. It is also used to supply fluid to the brake wheel cylinder. Also, it serves to connect rigid brake lines, especially in places where rigid connection is almost impossible. For example, rear brake hose of the axle suspension.

Brake hose usually consists of a high pressure armoured hose with two ends. The face of the rubber hose is impregnated with special materials and compounds. They can improve the protective properties of the hose. High-quality brake hoses have a lot of advantages. These are a significant resistance to corrosion, protection of the brake system in the most vulnerable to external influences places. Outside oil and ozone resistance layer enables the use of brake hoses in mode of higher or lower temperatures - from 50 degrees below zero to 70 º C above zero. In order to increase the strength of the rubber tubes a special braid of resistant synthetic fibres is used.

Take care of your security and buy the brake hose in our online store. The materials for the production of brake hoses are chosen with special care. Therefore, we guarantee high reliability of products that is provided by the quality control department. If you are interested to purchase such car parts as coolant hoses, wishbone suspension, or, for instance, thermostat, you can safely order them in our online shop.

Brake Hose for AUDI A4 (8D2, B5), VW GOLF III (1H1), SKODA OCTAVIA Combi (1Z5)

Malfunctions of brake hoses
  • mechanical damage (deformation, cracks);
  • normal wear and tear;
  • clogging of hoses.
Symptoms of brake hoses faults
  • increase of braking distance;
  • leakage of brake fluid;
  • vibration and other sounds when you press the brake pedal;
  • wobble of the brake pedal;
  • overheat of brake drums;
  • pulling to one side during hard braking.
Causes of brake hoses malfunctions
  • leakage of the braking system;
  • use of poor quality brake fluid or inappropriate to the car model;
  • disregard of the braking system operation rules;
  • looseness of brake hoses.

Independently you can make a visual inspection of brake pipes and hoses. In addition, you must pay attention to the failure symptoms. If you have any of them you need to conduct an analysis at a service station.

Scheduled diagnosis of brake hoses must be carried out after 50,000 kilometers. Often, it is conducted with a complex diagnosis of brake system.

Rubber hoses, regardless of their external condition must be replaced after 130,000 kilometers. Metal pipes do not have clearly defined lifetime, so a decision on their replacement is made after the diagnosis.

Replacement and repair of brake hoses

Repair of rubber hoses is not relevant. Their price is very affordable, so it is more profitable to make a replacement. However, the metal tubes in the presence of cracks or damage can be repaired.

Replacement of brake hoses is highly recommended to carry out at service stations. After installation, you need to calibrate the braking system, which is necessarily should be done by a professional

Brake Hose replacement - instructions, descriptions and repair

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