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Replace a Spare part Brake Vacuum Pump – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Brake Vacuum Pump

Malfunctions of the vacuum pump

  • the system leakage;
  • clogging of components;
  • rupture of the valve diaphragm;
  • worn or damaged blades;
  • bearing and washers damage;
  • appearance of backlash;
  • deformation of splines.

Symptoms of the vacuum pump failure

  • oil stains on the part body;
  • metal knock at engine warming up and at low speeds;
  • increased resistance of the brake pedal when the engine is cold;
  • switching on of parking brake light on the dashboard ;
  • loss of engine power;
  • reducing the number of rpms at idling;
  • black smoke from the exhaust pipe.

Causes of vacuum pump faults

  • wear of the sealing components;
  • damage to the cover fixing;
  • lack of lubrication;
  • obstruction of the holes;
  • mechanical damage.


First you should check for the part leakage. Inspect the surface of the part. It should have no drips, cracks and damage. Check the tightness of cover seal to the pump casing.

To determine whether the part is working correctly, it is necessary to remove the dashboard and disconnect the pump hose from the brake servo. Then start the car, warm up the engine and put your finger to the end of the hose. The properly working pump must suck the finger. Otherwise it is necessary to repair or replace the part.

Further diagnosis is possible only in a service shop. Specialists with the help of a gauge will measure the level of air inside the vacuum pump to determine if there is a fault.

Repair and replacement of the vacuum pump

In case of a small damage the part can be restored independently. This will require a special repair kit. But if its value is equal to the price of a new part, replacing the item is more reasonable.

If the vacuum pump is combined with a generator, it is necessary to turn to professionals for recovery operations.

IInstalling the new part by oneself is difficult: it is located in a hard-to-reach place. In addition, the improper installation of the pump is fraught with engine failure. For this reason, the part replacement is best to produce in a service shop.

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