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Febi Bilstein is a famous German brand, under which a wide range of components for various automotive systems is produced. The company also supplies equipment made by the third party manufacturers.

Febi Bilstein Background

Officially, the company is considered to be established in 1844, when Ferdinand Bilstein was mentioned for the first time as a part-owner of the company. According to some unofficial information, it was established much earlier, in 1819 by Johann Heinrich Bilstein and his sons.

The company was primarily engaged in metalworking. In 1873 August Bilstein, Ferdinand’s brother decided to leave the family business and established a galvanising shop of his own. He called his company AUBI as Ferdinand’s company still got its name Febi. At present, the company, founded by August Bilstein is one of the leading manufacturers of shock absorbers known worldwide under the brand name Bilstein.

Ferdinand’s company — Febi Bilstein — has chosen another line of development. In 1883, its turned screws entered mass production. In 1925, the company received a patent for spring bolt production. In the post-war period, Febi Bilstein became interested in car parts flow production.

Years later the German manufacturer became the leader in the aftermarket. Today, under the brand Febi Bilstein, more than 30000 car parts are produced and distributed to more than 140 world’s countries. The company has offices in 69 countries. In the state-of-art logistics centre in Ennepetal, Germany, there are always more than 100 million of car parts in stock ready for being dispatched to their customers.

The company produces car components for after-sales service. You can always buy Febi Bilstein car parts online on our website. They can be fitted into BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, Peugeot, Opel, Renault, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Volvo, Ford and other cars.

Febi Bilstein Car parts:

  1. Power steering and suspension. This category includes control arms, tie rod ends, hydraulic spheres, shock absorbers and springs, load-bearing ball joints, etc. All the components have exactly the same shape as original equipment, made of materials resistant to aggressive environment and dents. Special boot design provides high protection of flexible joints from moisture and dirt. Metal parts are covered with special corrosion-resistant compound.
  2. Engine and automotive systems.The products from this category include cooling and engine lubrication system elements, fuel system components, timing belts and chains, nozzles, reservoirs, mountings and seals.
  3. Brake system elements. This category includes brake discs and pads, cylinders, hoses, brake linings, brake wear indicators and other parts. Made of wear resistant materials. Due to the well thought design, Febi Bilstein brake systems are efficient and noiseless.
  4. Electrics and electronics. This refers to various sensors, switches, relays, control units, electric motors and other equipment for automotive systems. These products feature high accuracy, sensitivity and speed of response.
  5. Automotive fluids. This group includes antifreezes, oils, hydraulic liquids, thread locks.
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FEBI BILSTEIN | Wheel bolt

FEBI BILSTEIN | Spark plug

FEBI BILSTEIN | Oil filter

  • FEBI BILSTEIN Сar parts: Anti roll bar bushes Anti roll bar bushes
  • FEBI BILSTEIN Сar parts: Oil drain plug Oil drain plug
  • FEBI BILSTEIN Сar parts: Tappet Tappet
  • FEBI BILSTEIN Сar parts: Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops Shock absorber dust cover & bump stops
  • FEBI BILSTEIN Сar parts: Brake discs Brake discs
  • FEBI BILSTEIN Сar parts: Brake fluid Brake fluid
  • FEBI BILSTEIN Сar parts: Strut mount Strut mount
  • FEBI BILSTEIN Сar parts: Anti roll bar links Anti roll bar links
  • FEBI BILSTEIN Сar parts: Wishbone bushes Wishbone bushes
  • FEBI BILSTEIN Сar parts: Engine oil Engine oil
  • FEBI BILSTEIN Сar parts: Brake pads Brake pads
  • FEBI BILSTEIN Сar parts: Tailgate struts Tailgate struts
  • FEBI BILSTEIN Сar parts: Cylinder head bolts Cylinder head bolts
  • FEBI BILSTEIN Сar parts: Brake hose Brake hose
  • FEBI BILSTEIN Сar parts: Engine mount Engine mount
  • FEBI BILSTEIN Сar parts: Rocker cover gasket Rocker cover gasket
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Customer reviews
Reviews of Wheel Bolt 32060

Wheel Bolt 32060

I chose this because no other company or website sold the bolts i needed :)
Reviews of Wheel Nut 34754

Wheel Nut 34754

Febi Bilstein is a brand I have known for 35 yrs when I rode motorbikes .
Reviews of Brake Disc 44135

Brake Disc 44135

Trusted manufacturer. High Carbon material. 2 Yr. warranty Good price
Reviews of Wheel Nut 46674

Wheel Nut 46674

Good value, rating by as 5star, number of satisfied purchasers.
Reviews of Wheel Nut 29463

Wheel Nut 29463

Price,plus Billstein have a reputation for quality products.
Reviews of Top strut mount 12453

Top strut mount 12453

Excellent value and very easy to navigate around the site.
Reviews of Brake Disc 43882

Brake Disc 43882

Recommended by a friend who has used this manufacturer
Reviews of Top strut mount 12519

Top strut mount 12519

Febibilstein, always OEM quality at a very good price.
Reviews of Rubber Buffer, suspension 36852

Rubber Buffer, suspension 36852

Good price and easy to cross reference with Oe number
Reviews of Wheel Bolt 15655

Wheel Bolt 15655

Good quality product recommended by my tyre supplier
Reviews of Wheel Bolt 46653

Wheel Bolt 46653

Quick and easy site to use plus excellent value Ta
Reviews of Wheel Bolt 46644

Wheel Bolt 46644

Because it is the appropriate spec for my model.
Reviews of Top strut mount 22639

Top strut mount 22639

Good price for a premium manufacturing company
Reviews of Dust Cover Kit, shock absorber 32789

Dust Cover Kit, shock absorber 32789

Cost effective and is exactly what I require
Reviews of Top strut mount 24266

Top strut mount 24266

It got top reviews from previous customers
Reviews of Anti-roll bar bush 05657

Anti-roll bar bush 05657

Good price from well known manufacturer
Reviews of Wheel Nut 46662

Wheel Nut 46662

wanted to test it was the correct one
Reviews of Brake Disc 24565

Brake Disc 24565

confidence with the product and brand
Reviews of Wheel Bolt 46648

Wheel Bolt 46648

My wheels will fall off without them
Reviews of Brake Disc 21121

Brake Disc 21121

Look good and they are ventilated
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