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FEBI BILSTEIN Control arm rear and front

Control arm lower and upper from FEBI BILSTEIN - original car sparesControl arm FEBI BILSTEIN front and rear
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Reviews of FEBI BILSTEIN Suspension arm
FEBI BILSTEIN: Brand's rating


7.86 /10

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Customer reviews
43039 Control arm FEBI BILSTEIN review

FEBI BILSTEIN Control arm review 43039

Direct replacement for failed part, cheaper than Euro
43719 Control arm FEBI BILSTEIN review

FEBI BILSTEIN Control arm review 43719

Febi are good quality and i got a good offer price.
40821 Control arm FEBI BILSTEIN review

FEBI BILSTEIN Control arm review 40821

I trust Febi bilstein products
22133 Control arm FEBI BILSTEIN review

FEBI BILSTEIN Control arm review 22133

febi are the best parts brand
30514 review
41052 review

FEBI BILSTEIN Wishbone for Top Models

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  • Repair kit, differential FEBI BILSTEIN Repair kit, differential
  • Repair kit, support- / steering link FEBI BILSTEIN Repair kit, support- / steering link
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  • Subframe FEBI BILSTEIN Subframe
  • Bracket, stabilizer mounting FEBI BILSTEIN Bracket, stabilizer mounting

Learn more about Febi Bilstein suspension arms

Febi Bilstein suspension arms are popular amongst car owners of more than 150 countries. The large company – Bilstein Group – established in 1844 in Germany, produces them. The company’s assortment includes more than 47,000 items for the most models of passenger and commercial vehicles. Its products are presented in the mid-price segment.


Febi Bilstein suspension arms can have different design. They are divided into:

  • Radius rods. Usually they have two attachment points, but sometimes there can be more. Components of this category can be found in the vehicles with multi-link or dependent suspension.
  • Wishbone arms. Their structure includes three attachment points. They can be of L, V or U shape. They are used in the cars with double wishbone suspension or that of  MacPherson type. They are attached to the car body or subframe with the help of two rubber-metal bushes, to the steering knuckle – using a ball joint.
  • H-shaped arms. They have four attachment points. The arms are characterized by high durability. They are used in rear 4-link independent suspension of some cars, including BMW.

The following materials can be used for components manufacturing:

  • Steel. The steel suspension elements have a long lifespan. They are notable for high durability. The arms are suitable for use in poor-quality roads conditions. Usually, the bushes and ball joints of such parts can be replaced separately.
  • Aluminium. Weight of the components made of this material is almost twice as light in comparison with the steel ones. This allows to reduce the vehicle unsprung weight and fuel consumption. The aluminium parts cost higher. Moreover, the whole assembly should be replaced in case of ball joints or bushes breakdown.

3 facts about Febi Bilstein suspension arms

  1. All the parts are supplied in kits together with mounting elements. This eases and speeds up their installation.
  2. High-quality anti-corrosion treatment guarantees components resistance to moisture and aggressive chemical compounds.
  3. High resistance of the suspension components to deformation and cracking is achieved due to modern technologies of metal processing. is your online assistant in the world of spare parts

A wide range of suspension parts from all popular manufacturers is presented in our catalogue. Thanks to the convenient search system you will find the needed part easily and quickly. If any questions appear during choosing you can address them to our specialists. We always offer the lowest prices and high quality service.