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The Mann + Hummel Group make over 70 years history of filtration. About 700 researchers and developers are working daily to improve the company's own products as well as to make them even more powerful. Company innovations ensured that the Mann Filter car parts are among the world's leading products. The company offers different filter systems not only for the automotive industry, but also for the abdominal machines and process engineering. The industrial filters offer a special program for diesel engines to reduce soot emissions.

Success through innovation and performance

With more than 40 locations worldwide and a workforce of 14.400 employees Mann + Hummel is a successful company. The Mann Filter car parts are spread in diverse portfolio. For automotive industry there is a range of air filter systems, intake systems, cabin filters and cylinder head covers. All these brand car parts are made of high quality plastic which has a high degree of integration. First of all, the range of products of the air filter segment should be as small as possible, but performance is desired to be of a high level. This was a challenge for the Mann + Hummel developers, but they have found the right solutions.

Specialized systems for any vehicle.

Specific systems were developed through years of research and they are not neglected today. Mann Filter auto parts have many advantages in the automotive industry. This also includes the compact design and the resulting optimal utilization of available space. A high income is common for the brand. Multiple filter systems are adapted depending on the vehicle model are thus can be used for any car. Few suppliers in Europe can provide such exclusive service.

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