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FEBI BILSTEIN Anti-roll bar link front and rear

Anti-roll bar link rear and front from FEBI BILSTEIN - original car sparesAnti-roll bar link FEBI BILSTEIN front and rear
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FEBI BILSTEIN: Brand's rating


7.8 /10

Reviews - 756

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FEBI BILSTEIN Anti-roll bar link 103601

i felt it was from a reputable company
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Bilstein a good known product
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Learn more about Febi Bilstein stabilizer links

Febi Bilstein stabilizer links are produced by German Ferdinand Bilstein GmbH + Co KG, which is a part of a large corporation – Bilstein Group. The manufacturer uses its more than 170-year experience and modern developments when producing the components. All parts, produced under this brand are notable for reliability, efficiency and durability. They are of the mid-price segment.


According to a fasteners type, Febi Bilstein stabilizer links can be:

  • With ball joint. Their design has ball joints, which provide movable linkage of interconnected elements. Such parts promote comfortable driving, as adjustment of body rolls is performed more smoothly. The joint encasing is made of high-quality polymeric material with improved anti-friction qualities, excessive durability and resistance to shrinkage, which guarantees longevity of the parts.
  • Without ball joint. Instead of ball joints, they can have rubber-metal or polyurethane bushings. Sometimes they are made in a shape of a bolt. They provide more rigid linkage of the stabilizer bar and suspension elements. They are characterized by excessive durability and extended lifetime limit. They promote better steerability.

According to a production material, the components can be:

  • Metal. They are made of cast iron or aluminium. They have wear-resistant anti-corrosion coating.
  • Plastic. They are made of a high-quality polymeric material, reinforced with synthetic fiber. They have light weight.

3 facts about Febi Bilstein stabilizer links

  1. The materials, resistant to oil, petrol, road reagents and direct sun rays, are used for production of bushes and seals. Moreover, they preserve elasticity at severe cold. High efficiency of damping and reliable protection of the flexible joint from the destructive external factors is performed due to this.
  2. Thanks to the innovative formula of materials, parts withstand high loads. The car will maintain cornering stability even during driving on roads with a poor-quality surface.
  3. Special technologies of welding guarantee durability of joints regardless to car operational conditions. is your online-assistant in the world of spare parts

A wide range of Febi Bilstein stabilizer links is presented in our online-shop. You can purchase them at the best price. Always select only those parts, which correspond to manufacturer’s requirements, noted in the car technical documentation.