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A.B.S. is a large manufacturer and wholesale supplier of braking system, suspension and steering elements for most vehicles made in Europe, Japan, Korea and the USA. The company’s selling proposition accounts for more than 24000 items. The head office of the enterprise is located in IJsselstein, the Netherlands.

A.B.S. Car parts

  1. Braking system components.
    • Brake discs and drums. In the company’s catalogue, there are more than 1900 kinds of brake discs and over 450 types of brake drums. They provide effective braking, withdraw heat effectively. Prevent premature brake pads wearing out. For those who prefer sporty driving style the A.B.S. company presented a series of perforated brake discs Sportline that feature improved specifications and stylish design.
    • Brake pads. Under the A.B.S. brand, over 1450 kinds of brake pads and more than 650 types of brake shoes are represented. They are often supplied together with additional equipment – wear indicators or silencer pads. Feature high resistance to wearing out, withstand high temperature well, do not produce any noise while working. Each shoe/pad has a label with the information about friction material composition, therefore you can choose the one that suits your driving style best.
    • Cables. This category includes more than 2500 handbrake cables, nearly 750 clutch cables and over 700 throttle cables and more than 8500 different components of these mechanisms. Due to additional protective layer all the parts have high corrosion resistance. Cables are coated with nylon that provides an excellent gliding effect.
    • Rebuilt brake calipers. As a rule, when brake calipers are being rebuilt, all rubber seals, slave cylinder sleeves, handbrake mechanisms, pistons and springs have to be replaced. All A.B.S. calipers have a chrome coating.
    • Hoses and pipes. Withstand high pressure well, feature high resistance to aggressive chemical agents.
    • Hydraulic fluids. The brand A.B.S. offers a wide range of synthetic hydraulic fluids that provide reliable work of braking system and other car components. All fluids feature excellent operational properties and gentle effect on brake system components.
    • Hydraulic clutch elements. Reliable and efficient in use. They are often integrated into the gearbox.
    • Wheel cylinders and brake pressure regulators. In the company’s catalogue you can find aluminium wheel cylinders with built-in brake pressure regulators. They are lightweight and wear-resistant.
  2. Steering and suspension components. This category includes suspension arms, ball joints, tie rod ends, stabilizers. For their production durable materials are used such as cast iron, sheet metal or aluminium. The company pays special attention to the choice of suppliers. As a rule, protective covers and dust boots are made of materials that are resistant to ultraviolet and can withstand high temperatures up to 80°С.
  3. Bearing kits. This category represents a wide range of all types of hub bearings including those fitted with ABS sensors.

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  • A.B.S. Сar parts: Wheel bearing Wheel bearing
  • A.B.S. Сar parts: Brake hose Brake hose
  • A.B.S. Сar parts: Hand brake cable Hand brake cable
  • A.B.S. Сar parts: Anti roll bar links Anti roll bar links
  • A.B.S. Сar parts: Control arm Control arm
  • A.B.S. Сar parts: Brake caliper repair kit Brake caliper repair kit
  • A.B.S. Сar parts: ABS sensor ABS sensor
  • A.B.S. Сar parts: Wheel cylinder Wheel cylinder
  • A.B.S. Сar parts: Brake shoes Brake shoes
  • A.B.S. Сar parts: Track rod end Track rod end
  • A.B.S. Сar parts: Suspension ball joint Suspension ball joint
  • A.B.S. Сar parts: Brake drum Brake drum
  • A.B.S. Сar parts: Brake pad wear sensor Brake pad wear sensor
  • A.B.S. Сar parts: Handbrake shoes Handbrake shoes
  • A.B.S. Сar parts: Wishbone bushes Wishbone bushes
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  • Anti roll bar links
  • Control arm
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  • Wishbone bushes
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Customer reviews
Reviews of Brake Caliper 629681

Brake Caliper 629681

Great price, and so happy to see my car on your books not many place's reconise the citreon xm and also glad that you do spares for the cx(my next project). I hope the delivery is as quick as site, thank you!!!!
Reviews of Brake Hose SL 6611

Brake Hose SL 6611

After some confusion over the correct part number, I had the Toyota stores confirm what I needed. Ordering was then easy
Reviews of Brake Hose SL 3654

Brake Hose SL 3654

i can be sure of getting the right part for my car, buying from other sources does not garantee i get the correct part
Reviews of Brake Caliper 529981

Brake Caliper 529981

Hard to find now and this is the cheapest new one around. Parts to repair old one are even harder to obtain
Reviews of Brake Caliper 529982

Brake Caliper 529982

Hard to find now and this is the cheapest new one around. Parts to repair old one are even harder to obtain
Reviews of Repair Kit, brake caliper 57443

Repair Kit, brake caliper 57443

A well-priced repair kit and if it works, a worthwhile and infinitely cheaper option than a recon caliper.
Reviews of Brake Caliper 62820

Brake Caliper 62820

Ordered drums recently and please with the service so ordering more parts for me 1991 transit,
Reviews of Brake Caliper 721361

Brake Caliper 721361

have bought here before , had good service so I return and will again in the future . thanks
Reviews of Brake pad set 37022

Brake pad set 37022

Your website was very simple to follow, a good choice of products. Many thanks Paul Chapman
Reviews of Brake Disc 15045

Brake Disc 15045

It was cheaper buying new disks from this company,than getting the old ones skimmed
Reviews of Wheel Bearing Kit 200994

Wheel Bearing Kit 200994

the price for this part was the best value found on the internet and locally
Reviews of Brake Disc 17073

Brake Disc 17073

Price was good and product looks ideal to ensure the brakes are efficient
Reviews of Brake Caliper 720362

Brake Caliper 720362

previously ordered left hand side ABS calipers and was totally satisfied
Reviews of Brake pad set 37102

Brake pad set 37102

The price was very good for quality product I depend on for my life!!
Reviews of Brake pad set 35005

Brake pad set 35005

I wanted an economical replacement without overly sacrificing quality
Reviews of Brake Caliper 522202

Brake Caliper 522202

You was the only firm who could supply the calipers for me thank you
Reviews of Repair Kit, brake caliper 57356

Repair Kit, brake caliper 57356

Because they are the only kits I could find on line for my vehicle
Reviews of Brake pad set 37650

Brake pad set 37650

I chose this product because it is a good brand and good price.
Reviews of Wheel Bearing Kit 201756

Wheel Bearing Kit 201756

I chose this product following advice from their service crew
Reviews of Guide Sleeve Kit, brake caliper 55204

Guide Sleeve Kit, brake caliper 55204

Its everything I need in one kit,as opposed to other sites.
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