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Liqui Moly is a well known brand, under which the company produces a wide range of lubricating materials for passenger cars and cargo transport, bicycles, motorcycles  as well as car care chemical products.

The history of Liqui Moly Company

The history of the company Liqui Moly GmbH traces back to 1957 when the German, Hans Henle, created his own company engaged in the production of additives for motor oils.  The first product of the company was named "Kfz-1". In the 70s the company entered the international arena, supplying its products to the markets of Yugoslavia, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland and then to Chile and Argentina.

At the present moment the lubricating materials of Liqui Moly are presented in 120 countries of the world. The production is carried out in two factories located in Germany.  The company headquarters are situated in Ulm, Germany.

Such car manufacturers as Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, MAN, Volvo and some others choose Liqui Moly genuine car spares. Moreover, it is the fifth year when the company becomes the winner of "Best brand" contest in its category according to the magazines Auto Zeitung, Auto Bild, Motor Klassik, Auto Motor and Sport.  If you want to buy Liqui Moly lubricating materials, we recommend you to use the services of our online store.  With us you will find a wide range of the company products at a reasonable price.

Products by Liqui Moly

  1. Motor oils.
    • Synthetic. They are suitable for the usage in extreme temperature conditions.  They provide high quality protection of the engine even during cold start.  They retain viscosity at various temperature conditions and allow reducing the fuel consumption up to 10 % during cold start and in regular operation mode.
    •   Semisynthetic. They reduce the fuel consumption, increasing the engine service life.  Thanks to the special components they prevent the carbon buildup.
    • Mineral. Additives that are included in the composition prevent the appearance of high and low temperature deposits.  They have great anti-friction properties and are recommended for lubrication of engines after long term operation.
  2. Additives.
    • For adding into oil. The components that are included in the composition of wash oil effectively remove the non-soluble particles, dissolve the soot deposits. It is recommended to use after each oil replacement.  Antiwear additives increase the engine service life by creating a film on the surface of contacting elements.
    • For adding into cooling fluid. Sealing pastes help to fix leaks in the cooling system, prevent the ingress of the cooling liquid into the combustion chamber.  They are suitable for sealing damages, which are difficult to isolate.
    • For adding into fuel. They prevent carbon buildup in the engine and let you maintain its power for a long time.
  3. Transmission oils. They protect the transmission elements from corrosion; reduce the friction coefficient as well as wear and tear.  They are effective at any temperature.
  4. Auto care products. Window washers, automobile shampoos with wax, car polish for the body - all of these products do not only clean the vehicle from contaminants but also create an additional protection from scratches and corrosion.
  5. Service products.
    •   Glues and sealing compounds. They protect separate parts from mechanical damage and impact of harsh chemical substances.  They prevent corrosion and provide leakproofness of all the connections.
    •  Air conditioner cleaners. They let you to clean the air conditioner elements from fungus and bacteria without dismantlement.
  6. Lubricating agents. Depending on the content they perform various functions, for example serve for elimination of squeaks in the braking system, provide optimal slide of contacting surfaces.  They protect car parts from corrosion and increase their resource.
  7. Process liquids. Brake fluids have in their composition components that prevent the high-temperature corrosion and formation of air locks in the system.  They provide effective braking even during long standing change interval.  The composition of antifreezes includes components that protect the aluminum parts from destruction.
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