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Delphi is an American trademark that produces a wide range of car parts. The Delphi company is one of the largest representatives of the aftermarket.

Delphi Background

In 1994, Automotive Components Group was established as a part of General Motors, a year later it was renamed to Delphi Automotive Systems. Four years later, it became completely independent from the group. In 2000, Delphi acquired the British company Lucas Diesel Systems. Despite that fact, the beginning of the XXI century was a tough time for the company. In 2001, Delphi made the retrenchment of 11500 workers. In 2005, it shut down 24 plants in the USA and declared bankruptcy.

After a series of legal proceedings most of the company assets were bought by a group of private investors who created the new Delphi Corporation. The reorganisation helped the company to gain its leading market positioning.

At the moment Delphi industrial facilities include approximately 150 units and the company’s product range accounts for nearly 140000 items. Delphi supplies both original and non-original car parts. The company's products belong to low and middle market.

You can buy Delphi spare car parts online without wasting your time and money in our online shop.

Delphi Car parts

Delphi’s automotive catalogue contains components for the following vehicle systems:

  • Engine cooling and air conditioning systems. Airtightness is checked in each component out of this group. The life-cycle of original compressors should be noted: they can work even after running the distance of 160000 km.
  • Brake system. Brake system components are developed considering all the requirements for the original automotive components.
  • Engine management system. Delphi engine management components fit vehicles made by 25 largest car-manufacturers. The company guarantees highest performance with lowest gas emissions.
  • Fuel system. Components can work even after running the distance of 240000 km. Used as OE by North American car brands.
  • Ignition. This manufacturer’s ignition coils are tested with high temperatures within 230 hours. Components are sold with a three-year or 58000 km guarantee.
  • Diesel systems. Company’s diesel systems are used at the production lines of 25 car-makers. Diesel system components make a feature of high performance and wear-resistance.
  • Steering and suspension systems. These Delphi products can fit almost all modern vehicle models and make  a feature of high quality.
  • Automated systems. The company offers innovative technologies for solving a wide range of problems. Delphi develops safe and environmentally friendly components for automated systems.

Delphi car parts feature perfect value for money. Thanks to the wide product range, the company can supply its components for almost all modern vehicle models.

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