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Westfalia Automotive is one of the largest and leading manufacturers of auto parts for private cars and commercial carriers. The company produces both genuine and non-genuine car parts. Westfalia products are delivered to the assembly lines of automotive companies, such as Volkswagen Group, BMW, Daimler AG. You can buy Westfalia car spares suitable for your automobile in the online store buycarparts.co.uk

The history of Westfalia Company

The history of German brand Westfalia began in 1844 together with foundation of the forge shop by Johannes Bernd Knöbel. In 1920s the company changed its activity area due to the automotive industry development. It owned several patents in the field of automobile production:

  • In 1932 it was a ball shaped tow hitch;
  • In 1966 it was a trailer tow hitch with a removable tow ball;
  • In 1987 it was a fully automatic quick detachable system;
  • In 1995 it was an aluminium hitch.

In 2002 under the brand Westfalia the company began to produce electric swivelling hitches. In 2008 the manufacturer presented the most compact bicycle carrier in the world - Portilo.

Due to the excellent quality and innovative technologies in the production process Westfalia Company became the winner of European prestigious prize - European Aluminium Award in the Netherlands. From 2006 to 2013 the company became a leading manufacturer of tow hitches according to «Аuto, motor und sport» magazine.

Nowadays the main activity area of Westfalia Company is the production of bicycle carriers and tow hitches. During the years of its work it has produced more than 16 millions of tow bars. The branch companies of Westfalia Automotive are located in Great Britain, Poland, Russia, France, Sweden, Italy and Denmark.

Car parts by Westfalia

  1. Tow hitches. Under the brand Westfalia the company produces equipment for automobiles, campers and trailers. Tow bars are made in close collaboration with leading world automobile manufacturers and it guarantees their correspondence with certain car models. More than 1700 items of Westfalia tow hitches can be divided into the following groups:
    • Retractable. They have a compact structure and due to this fact they can be installed into vehicles with limited installation space. They can be unlocked both with the help of the electric drive and by hand within a few seconds.
    • Detachable. They are easy to remove and that’s why they don’t spoil your car design. There are two models with vertical or horizontal detachment.
    • Fixed tow bars. They are notable for their simple construction and reliability. You can easily install them on your own without specialists’ help. They are also suitable for any car regardless of its brand and type.
    • Universal tow bars for light commercial vehicles. They match all the trucks and vans. They are notable for its durability and safety.
    • Special purpose tow balls. They are used for trucks and can be divided into:
      • flexible (they let you to attach a trailer both with a ball end or a hitch ring to the vehicle);
      • standard (they let you transport only trailers with a hitch ring).
  2. Tow hitch electrical kits. They are produced individually for every type of tow bar and can provide a thorough control of lighting units of the trailer. They can be easily connected with the vehicle network. There are standard kits (with relay technology) and ultramodern ones (for CAN bus) available. Together with ultramodern electrical kits by the brand there are also equipment made especially for certain car models with 7 or 13 contact pieces.
  3. Bicycle carriers. They are easily fixed on the tow bar and guarantee the quick and simple installation of your bicycles. They can be completed with a capacious plastic box or a platform for loads. They let you transport up to three bicycles at the same time.
  4. Additional power springs. They support standard springs, improve readability, increase manoeuvrability of the loaded vehicle on the road and thus minimize the risk of rocking camping cars and trailers.
  5. Car roof racks. They are suitable for light commercial vehicles. They are protected against rusting and have excellent aerodynamics. They are sold together with a spoiler and a roller. They have a modular construction which makes transportation easier. The quality of materials used for the roof rack production meets standards of REACH regulations.
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