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AUDI 80 reviews and experiences

Specifically, our customers rated AUDI 80 as follows:
  • Price
  • Build quality
  • Exterior design
  • Paint coating quality
  • Factory installed audio system
  • Luggage capacity
  • Boot opening
  • Rear seats comfort
Controversy feature
  • Ride height
  • Oil consumption
  • Price

    43 1
  • Build quality

    21 1
  • Exterior design

    47 7
  • Ride height

    11 10
  • Paint coating quality

    2 1
  • Inside view

    19 0
  • Seating comfort

    5 2
  • Ergonomics

    31 0
  • Material quality

    46 1
  • Factory installed audio system

    0 3
  • Dashboard readability

    4 0
  • Cruising range

    3 0
  • Luggage capacity

    37 49
  • Boot opening

    0 1
  • Rear seats comfort

    5 11
  • Interior transformations

    5 7
  • Climate control system

    34 6
  • Front seats comfort

    36 5
  • Interior space

    40 10
  • Head lights

    2 18
  • Sound insulation

    42 8
  • Suspension performance

    32 55
  • Steering response

    39 2
  • Convenient for travelling

    9 0
  • Cold start

    49 1
  • Fuel economy

    65 19
  • Oil consumption

    12 12
  • Car performance

    98 18
  • Brakes

    21 0
  • Steering feedback

    10 1
  • Gearbox

    21 4
  • Road stability

    37 9
  • Maneuverability

    24 3
  • Safety system efficiency

    9 1
  • Maintenance cost

    105 10
  • Services and parts availability

    11 1
  • Bodywork quality

    138 0


The Audi 80 cars were being produced from 1972 to 1996. The production was located in Germany and Japan. The body of these vehicles is characterised by its corrosion-resistance. Thanks to it, many cars of this model manufactured in the 80s–90s of the XX century are still in a good condition. Moreover, due to its durable suspension, the car was very popular in countries with bad roads. In 1973, this vehicle received the World Car of the Year award. The twin car models of the vehicle are Audi Fox, Volkswagen Dasher and Volkswagen Passat.

The History of the Audi 80

The 80 model is represented by four generations and two facelifts. The B1, cars of the first generation, became popular very quickly thanks to their relatively low fuel consumption per 100 km for that time. This feature was extremely useful because of the 1973 oil crisis. Moreover, due to a successful engineering solution, the car was characterised by good handling when braking.

The cars of the second generation, the B2, were bigger than their predecessors. The important trace of the B3, the representatives of the third generation, is an aerodynamic design. Besides, the B3 was the first model to be fitted with the company's own developments, the Procon-ten safety system.

The Features of the Audi 80 (B4)

The B4, the fourth generation, was being produced from 1991 to 1996. It differs greatly from its predecessor cars from the technical point of view.

The Audi 80 estate and saloon, the B4, cars were available in different versions: with petrol or diesel engine, front-wheel-drive or all-wheel-drive. In particular, there is a car with a 2.8 l petrol engine and 174 hp. This all-wheel-drive car is fitted with a five-speed manual transmission. The car of this specification has the ability to accelerate to a speed of 220 km/h, accelerates to 100 km/h in 8 seconds.

The bumpers of the latest generation were in body colour. Moreover, the appearance of the headlights changed: they formed one single unit in the new 80 saloons without turn signal lights. The latter were placed next to the fog lights. The body dimensions remained the same as the predecessors’ but with a larger wheelbase. The updated radiator grille positively affected the car exterior. Moreover, the manufacturer increased the capacity of the luggage compartment.

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