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Wing mirror for FORD FIESTA: useful information

Technical information
  • Parts recommended for simultaneous replacement as part of a service kit
    • Wiper blade
    • Rear light
    • Cover, outside mirror
    • Mirror Glass, blind spot mirror
    • Mirror Glass, outside mirror
    • Side indicator
    • Switch, mirror adjustment
    • Housing, outside mirror
    • Headlight
    • Control Element, outside mirror
    • Mirror Glass, glass unit
    • Wing fender
    • Mirror Glass, wide angle mirror
    • Door Handle
    • Bumper
List price of Wing mirror for FORD FIESTA
  • Minimum price £ 4,00
  • Maximum price £ 307,00

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How are wing mirrors in the Ford Fiesta adjusted?

The first two generations of the vehicle – the GFBT, WFVT, FBD, FVD versions – were mainly fitted with the components adjustable from the outside. Starting with the GFJ, F3L, and F5L, the cars were equipped with the components that had a linkage or cable mechanism which could be regulated from the cabin. The fourth generation of the cars - the JAS and JBS - could be fitted either with manual or power components, depending on the trim level.

Wing mirrors with which type of glass are better to select for a Ford Fiesta?

Depending on the production year, this car may be equipped with flat, spherical, or aspherical reflective components. The first ones have an affordable price and provide an undistorted image, but have a narrow viewing angle, so almost no modern cars are equipped with them.

Spherical mirror elements have a convex surface, reflect a larger area, but distort the size of the objects and the distance to them.

Aspherical components are the most advanced and expensive ones. They also aren’t flat but have different degrees of curvature in the horizontal and vertical directions. They give drivers a comfortable and realistic perception of the environment while providing the widest viewing angle.

What additional features can wing mirrors for the Ford Fiesta have?

One of the most useful additional functions is heating. It ensures quick defrosting and drying of the glass surface and prevents it from getting foggy. This improves visibility and driving safety.

Many of the components are folding, which reduces the risk of their damage or getting dirty when the car is parked outdoors .

The parts often come with a LED turn signal repeater integrated into their housing. This location makes the signal lights more visible to other road users.

To make getting into the car more comfortable, some models of side mirrors have a built-in courtesy light to illuminate the area around the door.