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Moulding, also known as "decorative moulding" received a wide spread among motorists who want to make their car unique, as well as to protect the most "fragile" vehicle places. In the context of the protective function moulding is used to protect doors, bumpers and sills from blows, chips and other mechanical damages. In addition, the decorative moulding is used to hide any defects of the car body, as well as to mask the welded joint.

Sill is the most wearing part of the vehicle. Both adults and children constantly step on it, thereby causing mechanical damage. Therefore, the most common are sill mouldings. They are designed for each car separately. Designers take into account the specific model and brand, as the dimensions of the car and its design features differ from each other. As a rule sill mouldings are made of stainless steel.

Second by the frequency of mechanical damages is bumper. It can be damaged, if you take something heavy or in case of an emergency. Motorists can order a moulding for it or for the boot lid. Service life of mouldings is quite long due to the sturdy materials used and you will not have often to order them. The good news for the car owners is also the fact that is very easy to install mouldings, as each element is provided with instructions.

When ordering mouldings in the Internet stores, an important factor is their lower price and fast delivery. In our online shop you can purchase not only decorative mouldings, but also spark plugs, air conditioner compressor and many others. You need only to look at the car parts page and you will see what a great selection of car parts at competitive prices we have.

Window Seal for FIAT DUCATO Box (250), PEUGEOT 306 Hatchback (7A, 7C, N3, N5), PEUGEOT 306 Hatchback (7A, 7C, N3, N5)

Faults of molding/protective covers
  • appearance of corrosion on the surface;
  • fixing wear;
  • molding peeling;
  • cracking/chipping on the surface;
  • detaching clips.
Symptoms of molding/protective covers faults
  • visual defects;
  • strange sounds;
  • vibration of the component while driving.
Causes of molding/protective covers faults
  • mechanical damage;
  • improper installation or defective parts;
  • moisture ingress into the structure;
  • frequent changes in temperature.
Repair and replacement of molding/protective covers

In case you find no chips or cracks on the molding surface, but it begins to gradually peel off, do the following:

  • holding the peeled off part of the strip, gently pry it;
  • slowly pull themolding;
  • If the part does not give in, provide thermal effect on the strip;
  • after the part is removed, clean off the old adhesive tape;
  • glue the new tape to the molding;
  • degrease the surface of the door;
  • glue the molding to the car door.

Similar actions are to be done when replacing the old part.

If you find a mechanical damage on the molding, contact a service station, where they will offer you to polish and then paint the part.

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