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Replace a Spare part Tailgate (Bootlid) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Tailgate (Bootlid)

Boot lid is a vehicle body component. It is a flap lid that closes and opens the luggage compartment and through which the compartment is accessed. Most often, car boot lid hinges are arranged horizontally. Special devices, such as spring-type mechanisms, allow the lid to be lifted. This greatly simplifies the driver to access the luggage.

Boot lid is often made of the same metal used to manufacture another component of your car panel. These materials are usually steel, aluminium or magnesium. Private vehicles today, however, are equipped with boot lids made of carbon fibre, which significantly reduces the total weight of the machine. Whatever type of the boot lid there is installed on your car, it is better to make sure that it works properly and has no any kind of damage. In addition to its primary function of protection, boot lid also acts as original and stylish equipment. Being a part of the car body panel, the stylish boot lid has a definite effect on the overall look of any vehicle. Properly designed and properly set up the boot lid will give the car an elegant and uniform design.

In our online store there are sold boot lids for any type of car. Do not exhaust yourself with and waste of money. Just visit our online shop and order a new, high quality boot lid. We will deliver it to you in the shortest possible time. Just like any other spare parts for your car: strut, voltage regulator, ignition coil or brake force regulator.

Tailgate (Bootlid) for MERCEDES-BENZ Saloon (W124), MERCEDES-BENZ S-CLASS (W140), MERCEDES-BENZ S-CLASS (W126)

Faults of the trunk lid
  • wear of rubber seal;
  • hinges breakage;
  • mechanical damage (such as chipping);
  • burnout harness;
  • closing the trunk lever breaking;
  • appearance of backlash;
  • a malfunction of the electric drive;
  • corrosion of the trunk lid.
Symptoms of the trunk lid faults
  • accidental activation of the remote opening drive;
  • strong resistance when closing the trunk;
  • When clicking on the opening handle the drive does not create the necessary effort;
  • jamming lock of the trunk lid;
  • freezing of the lid seal;
  • trunk opening while driving.
Causes of trunk lid faults
  • force impact as a result of an accident;
  • installation of low-quality auto parts;
  • impact of too high or low temperatures;
  • moisture, dust or chemicals getting on the surface.
Diagnosis of the trunk lid

First we recommend toinspect the lid. It is possible that you will be able to determine the cause of the part incorrect operation. However, in some cases it is necessary to run a diagnosis in a service shop. For example, the failure of the lid control unit can be determined only by professionals. This requires special equipment - a tester.

Replacing the lid

In some cases, a trunk lid cannot be repaired. In such situations, the only solution is to replace the part. So, you should:

  • remove the wiring on the lid;
  • unscrew the screws that secure the internal opening handle of the lid and disconnect the latch;
  • remove the screws and remove the trunk lock;
  • unscrew the hinge bolts;
  • remove the trunk lid;
  • install a new lid.
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