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When we speak about auto bodies’ repair, especially about those that were damaged in the result of an accident, the car should not only be taken to the service centre and left there to perform gas welding and painting. First of all it is necessary to check the car body, its geometry, points of attachment, and landing gear components. The same is with the body part sidewall that is an outside car body part. Any mechanic will tell you that in the sidewall there is a direct access not to all welds, as the roof panel and rear wall are welded on its surface. You can try to replace the sidewall, but before you need to separate the welds that will take much time.

The main question asked by car owners is how it is possible to replace a part of the complete body unit and not to break the original welds. It is worth to say that you won’t be able to do that by yourself, because each body element is strength calculated with the help of a computer program. So it is impossible just to remove the sidewall and then to connect a new part with the body. Because of this the load-carrying capacity in the place of disconnection can decrease.

In order to recover the spare part without prejudice to the strength of the car body, you must use the carmaker’s technical documents, where there are clearly indicated places of parts disconnection. Why is it so difficult to install sidewall or any other body car part? This is due to the fact that the simple method of parts replacement can deteriorate the performance requirements of other parts, to which the replaceable parts are attached.

So there are different ways of body parts fastening and they depend on the load-carrying capacity of the specific body element. Often when repairing the car body it is necessary to replace not only the sidewall, but the wings, the windshield or roof panel. But do not rush to order all necessary details in the service station, as mechanics can guarantee you a quality part’s replacement but not a very good price for it. Contact our online shop if you need original car parts at low prices.

Moldings & Arch Trims for VW GOLF II (19E, 1G1), FIAT DUCATO Box (230L), RENAULT MASTER II Bus (JD)

Faults of sidewalls
  • paint destruction;
  • corrosion and oxidation of the metal;
  • deformation of the individual components;
  • pillars metal fatigue;
  • mechanical damage (cracks, dents, holes).
Symptoms of sidewalls faults
  • discoloration of the painting;
  • the appearance of bright or dark spots on the part;
  • changing shape of the part;
  • structural condition of the part.
Causes of sidewalls faults
  • active chemical compounds and elements getting on the surface;
  • long stay of the vehicle under the influence of direct sunlight;
  • huge changes in temperature;
  • strikes and other damages due to accidents and emergencies;
  • the use of low-quality paints and coatings;
  • improper attachment of related parts and components.

Assessment of the sidewalls state is only visual. To do this, remove the doors and sealing materials. Original spare parts should be uniformly colored, even in hard to reach places.

The service life of this body part is not limited. With proper care of the vehicle sidewall surface it can serve throughout the entire life of the vehicle.

If the sidewalls have been replaced, inspection is recommended every 1-2 years. If there is corrosion on the surface or paintwork damage, it requires repair.

Repair and replacement of the sidewalls

The level of repairs and their order depend on the fault. If the damage is in color, you can paint not the whole piece, but do a spot touch up. When corrosion occurs, surface is cleaned and treated with a special anti-corrosion coating.

To prolong the life of the body and increase the comfort of the driver, you can install additional protection against noise and dust. With a filler, felt or cardboard a special additional coverage is created.

Replacement of the part is required only in case of a strong damage to door pillars or total deformation of the product. Installation of a new element is problematic because it requires complete disassembly of the car side. The price of this body part is very high, so small problems can be solved with a hammer, welding and automotive putty.

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