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Replace a Spare part Central Locking System – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Central Locking System

Central locking is a convenient mechanism for simultaneous automatic closure or unlock of all vehicle doors, lift gate, manhole cover and the fuel tank cap. Such system can be called a system of comfort, which also manages the car alarm system. Centralized management means that there is a single electronic control of all doors.

Central locking system is operating both when the ignition of the car is switched off or on. The fact is that when locking doors and turning the key, a micro-switch, which is responsible for the locking, goes off. The signal from the switch is fed to the control unit door and then to the main control unit. At this moment not only rear doors are blocked, but also the fuel tank cap. The signal from the micro-switch in the main locking device prevents the re-activation of the electric drive.

All the doors can be unlocked in the same way. You can also open and close the door with the help of a remote control. To do this, simply press the corresponding button on the ignition key. In this case, the signal is sent to the receiving antenna of the main control unit. After processing the signal, the control unit will give signals to the control unit of the doors and fuel cap. Keep in mind that when remote blocking occurs, car alarm is activated and windows automatically close. In case you get in a traffic accident, locked doors will open automatically. And this will happen after the signal from the control system will pass to the central control unit. It provides actuation of the necessary devices and doors opening.

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Central Locking System for AUDI A3 (8P1), BMW 8 (E31), SAAB 99 Combi Coupe

Faults of central lock
  • mechanical damage;
  • wiring fault;
  • incorrect activators operation;
  • failure of the compressor board;
  • remote control fault.
Symptoms of the central lock faults
  • a complete lack of response from the central locking system;
  • one or more doors do not open;
  • more than 5 seconds pause at the lock activation;
  • the drive does not turn off after operating the lock.
Causes of central lock faults
  • remote control low battery power;
  • ingress of moisture into the system;
  • depressurization of the vacuum line;
  • the switch actuator failure;
  • short circuit or wiring burnout;
  • wear of the drive gear;
  • damage to the solenoid coil;
  • wiring oxidation;
  • overvoltage in the system;
  • failure of the fuse;
  • improper installation and fixing of activators;
  • drive fasteners looseness.

The system inspection process depends on the symptoms of failure. At the absence of one or more locking elements response corresponding activators and electrical elements are checked. If the whole system is not working, then the problem may be in the main board. You should also check the wiring for a short circuit or a blown fuse.

If there is no remote control signal it is necessary to check the batteries power as well as the signal itself. This can be done only in a specialized service center.

Central locking has no definite lifespan. With careful use and no mechanical damage it can serve during the entire life of the car. However, it is recommended to thoroughly check the wiring, drives and the main board and to clean the elements every few years.

Repair and replacement of the central lock components

The repair order depends on the fault nature. At one drive failure the corresponding door lining is removed. It is worth noting that solenoid drives fail more often than motor drives.

The activator if fails is completely replaced. You can restore and isolate damaged wiring, but it is recommended to replace it immediately.

Restoring a damaged remote control key is only possible in a garage with special equipment.

In case of the main board damage or closure it only needs to be replaced. Unfortunately, its price will not delight you.

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