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Replace a Spare part Door Lock & Cylinder Lock – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Door Lock & Cylinder Lock

Malfunctions of door lock

  • breakage of microswitch
  • incorrect work of the lever mechanism
  • breakage of stop catch
  • mechanical damage to the lock cylinder
  • freezing or seizure of the lock
  • corrosion

Signs for door lock malfunctions

  • the interior light does not turn on when the door is opening
  • corresponding indicator (open/closed door), which shows door position, does not illuminate on dashboard
  • door cannot be opened by manipulating the handle
  • door is not fixed in closed position
  • key enters the lock tightly

Causes of door lock malfunctions

  • key is broken inside a lock
  • natural wear of lock elements
  • force impact
  • impact of humidity and low temperatures
  • usage of incorrect lubricant in terms of temperature
  • usage of bad-quality key duplicate
  • mounting of low-quality part


Locking construction is complex enough, thus you can do only partial diagnostics on your own. Pay attention to the following working characteristics:

  • you should be able to easily open and close the door
  • amount of key rounds should be the same at opening and closing
  • door should be closed tight enough without too much effort
  • handle must come back to its initial position
  • key must get inside the lock and turn over easily and smoothly

For more deep diagnostics it is necessary to take interior protection elements off. Contact a service station, where experts will do a check-up of all lock components.

Repair and replacement of door lock

It is impossible to repair and replace the component on your own with high quality. Thus, we recommend to use help of experts for saving your time and money for a second repair.

For prolonging working lifecycle of the door lock, follow service rules and regularly apply consistency lubricant for the lock. If the car is long time outside during winter season, use the lubricant with defrosting features. Besides, for door opening use only an original key or its copy of high quality by exerting optimal force.

If you follow all service rules, than the lock can work as long as the car.

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