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Replace a Spare part Door Handle – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Door Handle

Outside all vehicle doors are equipped with special handles due to which door opening and closing is possible. In case of damage to remove and install these components it is necessary to use a special tool. Outside door handles are more necessary than a decorative detail. But yet they are also taken into account as the details of exterior finish.

To remove the door handles and lock mechanism you need to start with disconnecting the drive rod from inside door opening handle that goes to the door lock mechanism. Save released clamps to avoid errors when assembling. Then you need to reach the bolts fastening the outer door handle. Outside handle is usually mounted by two or three bolts. If the door lock is a part of the door handle, it is necessary first to remove the lock cam. If the door lock is not considered a part of the door handle, it is fastened with the help of a spring clamp.

Get the arched clamp through the inner door panel and grip its end with pliers. Next, try to unplug the drive rod from the lever and then the lever from the lock. The clamp can be pulled out of the lock, allowing you to remove it. Rod from the left side is located from the outside door handle down to the door lock. Next you need to remove the rod from the handle and unscrew the holders to remove the door handle. Then disconnect the lock drive rod.

It’s time to change the door handle? There is no need to wait this car part in the service station. Door handles, which are sold in our online shop, combine not only functionality and possibility of long term use, but also a beautiful appearance. Order a new door handle, as well as radiator grille, fuel level sensor, oil pan and catalyst converter of well-known car parts makers in our Internet store at low price.

Door Handle for VW PASSAT Variant (3A5, 35I), FIAT UNO (146A/E), FIAT DUCATO Box (250)

Faults of door handles
  • breaking the handle;
  • incorrect operation of the lock.
Symptoms of door handles faults
  • jamming the door;
  • hindered opening and closing of the doors;
  • strange sounds and clicks when opening.
Causes of door handles faults
  • manufacturing defects;
  • ignoring the exploitation recommendations;
  • careless usage of handles;
  • external damage;
  • internal contamination;
  • mechanical damage due to accidents.

Diagnosis of the door handles serviceability can be produced, both independently and in a service shop. Independently, you can check for external damage, the correctness of the handle operation when the door is opened. Do not forget that the lock is the main element of the door handle. The correctness of opening and closing the door will depend on its operability.

Repair and Replacement

In most cases, the handle can be repaired. Their jamming may be associated with poorly oiled mechanism of the broken part, internal contamination. Serious problems arise with built-in handle locks. If the diagnosis determines that the handle is completely broken, it does not allow to open the door or the lock is jammed, then you need to consult specialists. These handles need to be replaced if the repair is impossible.

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