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Replace a Spare part Drive Belt Tensioner (Alternator Belt Tensioner) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Drive Belt Tensioner (Alternator Belt Tensioner)

Operation of the device is as follows. Control unit lights up a charge in the tensioner. In the result of this explosion there are formed gases. They move the belt tensioner piston forward, which is connected with the belt catch. Meanwhile, the catch is moved down. As a result, free travel of the pelvic and shoulder belt is reduced. Indication of the operation of the seat belt is considered to be a warning light of the airbag or of the seat belt in your car. Once the device goes off, it will work as if the tensioner device is absent. There is no need to maintain the belt tensioner. After operation it must be fully replaced. Remember, that if used properly, safety belts can prevent serious injuries and even save lives.

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Drive Belt Tensioner (Alternator Belt Tensioner) for MITSUBISHI CARISMA (DA_), CHRYSLER VOYAGER IV (RG, RS), KIA CEE'D HATCHBACK (ED)

Faults of the belt tensioner
  • bearing play;
  • deformation of the bracket;
  • Backlash of housing;
  • tensioner seizure.
Symptoms of the belt tensioner fault
  • displacement of the belt;
  • falling of the belt from the shaft;
  • too strong or weak belt tension;
  • no battery charge signal;
  • uneven wear of the belt;
  • Free belt movement in the pulley;
  • difficulty in managing;
  • engine wobble;
  • jerks during rotation of the roller;
  • traces of the belt on the rollers;
  • whistle while working;
  • vibration of roller and belt;
  • emergency stop of the vehicle;
  • belt slipping.
Causes of the belt tensioner malfunction
  • incorrect adjustment;
  • presence of a belt deflection;
  • corrosion of the cover;
  • damage to the spring;
  • wear of sleeves;
  • any foreign particles;
  • heavy loads;
  • severe contamination;
  • mechanical damage.

For the diagnosis of the belt tensioner you must determine the level of tension using a special device. Start the diagnosis by an inspection. To do this, dismantle the belt and inspect the tensioner bearing. Heavy wear, presence of backlash, damage, destruction of the bearing require immediate replacement of the device. Then check the bracket. It should have no bends and damage. After that pay attention to the belt. The size of its deflection should not exceed 1.5 cm.

Replacing the belt

Repair works are not carried out, because the part has a monolithic structure. To replace the part you need to disconnect the battery terminals, disconnect the body. Then, using the tire lever you should fix the crankshaft to avoid possible rotation. It is necessary to loosen the belt by loosening the bolts, remove the bracket. Next, using a set of spanners, unscrew tensioner bolts, dismantle the belt and the part. In place of the defective parts install new ones.

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