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Timing chain for cars

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Replace a Spare part Timing chain – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Timing chain

Malfunctions of timing chain

  • chain breakage
  • part slippage
  • stretching of timing chain

Signs of timing chain malfunctions

  • unusual for engine knocks and noises at starting or long work at idle
  • spasmodic and rough engine work at idle
  • faulty timing
  • wear of gear teeth
  • corresponding indexes of diagnostic tester

Causes of timing chain malfunctions

  • low quality of the chain or the tensioner
  • insufficient amount of lubricant in the system
  • neglect of manufacturer’s recommendations in matters of oil quality and terms of its replacement
  • change of lubrication pressure in the system
  • distance growth between chain fragments due to articulations abrasion


Timing chain connects the work of all parts in the valve train into a unit, thus, it is necessary to monitor carefully its state and keep the chain’s working conditions. Although this element is considered to be more long-lasting than a timing belt, the chain breakage will most probably lead to major engine repair.

Stretched timing chain is the reason of engine valves mistiming, and this in its turn accelerates their wear and increases fuel consumption. It is advised to control the part’s condition by the presence or absence of its tension. Also, it is necessary to check the compliance between timing and engine operating modes.

It is recommended to check the timing chain condition at every oil change, which must be done every 10 000 kilometers in case of city driving

Replacement of timing chain

Recommended timing chain replacement intervals are shown in manuals for every vehicle. In reality, these terms are corrected by the vehicle usage conditions. While replacing the chain, also renew worn gears and chain guides.

The procedure of timing chain replacement is highly energy consuming and requires precise assembly of all elements in the system. That’s why it is better to contact a service station. Replacement of timing chain is costly, so it is in your иуые interest to take care of the unit.

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