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Replace a Spare part Cam Belt (Timing Belt) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Cam Belt (Timing Belt)

If you need to keep the positional relationship of shafts, in this case timing belts are very necessary. Due to teeth the belt does not slip on the surface of moving parts of the mechanism. The main quality of Cam Belt drives is a synchronous rotation of the shaft and the belt. Moreover, due to this mechanism transfer of high loads with a small initial belt tension is possible. This makes it possible to reduce the load on support shaft and bearing mechanism.

In the belt drive, which uses this type belts, combines advantages of V-belts and chain belt transmission. At the same time, they are better in comparison with V-belts, due to energy-saving, reliable performance with large loads, at high speeds and with intermittent loads. The advantages of timing belts can also be anti-static and dirt-repellent properties and longer service life of belts. Moreover, belts of this type are able to maximize the transmission of high power at the slightest vibration.

In some cases are used chain transmissions. Still, timing belts possess some advantages over them. These are operation smoothness, quietness, overload and gear pulley installation errors compensation. Moreover, they do not require greasing and are cheaper. They also have advantages in the matters of exploitation, for instance, simplicity of installation and operation. Also, in case of the timing belt failure the rest of the mechanism is not damaged.

So, do not worry if the Cam Belt fails. Its cost and cost of its replacement is not a problem for car owners. In case you want to save on part's buying, visit our online shop. Even if you need high-priced spare car parts, like stabilizer, oil radiator or brake shoes, our store is the best choice.

Cam Belt (Timing Belt) for RENAULT KANGOO (KC0/1_), RENAULT SCÉNIC II (JM0/1_), ROVER 45 (RT)

Faults of timing belt
  • breakage of timing belt;
  • loss of tension in the timing belt;
  • loosening of the belt tensioner;
  • cut teeth on the belt surface;
  • mechanical damage (cracks, dents, tears) to the belt;
  • wear of the Cam Belt.
Symptoms of timing belt failure
  • increased noise level at work;
  • oil traces on the belt surface;
  • pops in the engine;
  • violation of the valve timing;
  • overall decrease in the car capacity;
  • reduction in compression;
  • metal knock at the valves.
Causes of Cam Belt faults
  • excessive or insufficient tension;
  • debris or foreign objects in the system;
  • stuck pulley;
  • improper installation of the belt;
  • aggressive driving style and the increased load on the gas distribution system;
  • insufficient lubrication of the gears;
  • changes in the timing expansion gap;
  • improper use of parts;
  • condition and quality of tension and idle pulley;
  • condition and quality of the gears;
  • use of low quality parts.

Breakdowns in the timing belt can be determined with the help of audio and visual analysis. Popping sound in the vicinity of the car wing shows sagging and lack of belt tension. To evaluate the visual state of the belt, you must remove all attachments and open the front cover of the unit. It takes a lot of time and requires good knowledge of the automotive devices. That's why most motorists prefer to carry out the diagnosis at a service station. Depending on the age of the engine you need to diagnose a belt mechanism after every 50 000-75 000 kilometers. In older cars, this figure falls to 30 000 kilometers.

Replacing the Cam Belt and related parts

Repair of the damaged belt system is simply irrelevant. If there are any defects in the belt it is necessary to make a replacement. It is recommended to update roller mechanisms as well. Even with an external normal state a belt mechanism needs to be replaced at the vehicle run of more than 100 000 kilometers. A sudden breakage may damage valves and pistons of the engine, the repair cost of which will be several times the cost of the timing belt. You can carry out the system replacement on your own, but as the process is time-consuming it is recommended to implement it at a service station.

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