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Replace a Spare part Idler Pulley (Guide Pulley) – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Idler Pulley (Guide Pulley)

Fixed castor is a small detail. It is located on the movable axis and is used to maintain belt tension and to increase the angle of contact of the small pulley. Diameter of fixed castor should be not less than the diameter of the small pulley. Tension pulley must be installed on the slack side not very close to the pulleys.

There is one more function the tension roller fulfils. It creates an additional section of the belt clipping to pulleys, increasing the circle of contact of belt with the pulley. Thus, the roller almost completely eliminates the possibility of the belt slipping during normal operation and possibility of whistling that can occur when a strong weakening of the belt. Motorists should also remember that the gas distribution mechanism is a very important part and requires operating of extremely high quality parts from car parts makers. If installing quality and original roller you automatically save an authorized dealer warranty on your car.

If you need to replace the fixed roller, do not waste time for shopping or garages. You will lose not only time, but also overpay for the necessary spare car part. Visit our online store without leaving your home or office. It offers our customers a wide range of fixed rollers for any car brand. Order the necessary part at affordable price. And we will make sure the delivery to be carried out in a short time. In addition to the fixed roller, you can also buy other car parts, such as bearing damper, ignition coil, oil level indicator, brake calliper and pressure plate.

Idler Pulley (Guide Pulley) replacement - instructions, descriptions and repair

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