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Replace a Spare part V-belt – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about V-belt

Faults of V-belt
  • breakage of the belt;
  • excessive wear of the side faces;
  • cracks, spalling and mini-fractures at the belt bottom;
  • loss of the material rigidity;
  • uneven stretching and wear;
  • twisting of the belt.
Symptoms of V-belt faults
  • whistle while the engine works;
  • overheating of the engine at idling;
  • worn-out structural condition of the belt;
  • dips in the combustion stroke of the cold engine.
Causes of V-belt faults
  • block or stifled movement of the drive;
  • insufficient or excessive belt tension;
  • ingress of foreign objects in the system;
  • wear of pulley grooves;
  • discrepancy or wear of the outer roller;
  • impact of oils or chemicals on the belt;
  • improper V-belt installation and fastening;
  • inadequacy between the belt and drive power;
  • use of substandard parts or materials;
  • long-term impact of low or high temperatures on the system;
  • excessive starting torque;
  • untimely replacement of the system elements;
  • failure to comply with the rules of the system operation.

You can check the condition of the V-belt by yourself. To do this, remove the cover and loosen the fastening of the pump. After that, check the apparent condition of the belt, its placement and tension. Push down the belt with a finger. The maximum deflection should not exceed 5 mm. Working surface should have no visible damage, fuel or lubricants. If you have oily spots on the belt it is necessary to make an immediate replacement and check seals. Also check the tension bolt of the generator, swivel bearing and tension rollers mounts. It is advisable to check the tension and condition of the belt after every 1000 kilometers.

Replacing the V-belt

Repair and restoration of the V-belt is not made because of the relatively low cost of a new part. Installation does not require specific skills and equipment and can be performed independently. First you need to remove the cover and loosen the adjusting bolt and fastening of the cooling system water pump. Next, remove the belt and replace it with a new one, be careful not to damage the tension rollers. After installing the belt on the pulleys, tighten the adjusting bolt and set the correct belt tension.

V-belt replacement - instructions, descriptions and repair

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