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Replace a Spare part Tensioner Pulley – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Tensioner Pulley

This belt drive component is located on the floating axle. It is necessary to maintain the belt tension and to increase the angle of contact of the small pulley. The roller is used for gears with small axle spacing, large gear ratio. It is required to be installed near a small pulley on the slack side. The disadvantages of the installation of this component are additional belt bends, which lead to reduction of its durability. V-belt tension roller is installed on the generator and air conditioner. If car owners hear rustling sound when the motor is running, this means that it is quite dry and needs replacement.

Another indication for roller replacement is belt replacement, which is required for drive of the VVEL. If you want to replace only the roller, it is not necessary to remove the timing belt. It should be noted that during any maintenance it is necessary to check the degree of tension of the timing belt. It is necessary to adjust the tension if belt is strongly or weakly stretched. When the belt is slightly stretched, the belt’s teeth break down. Also, because of improper timing belt tension, the belt can jump on the timing pulley of the crankshaft and camshaft. And this could lead to malfunction of the valve timing installation and loss of engine power. A significant belt jumping can result in its total damage.

After you determine the cause of fail, you need to buy a new spare car part: tensioner pulley, timing belt or camshaft. Do not hurry to buy the part in the service centre. To save your time and money order the necessary car part in the online shop. To do this you need just to have PC and Internet connection.

Tensioner Pulley for BMW 3 (E46), HONDA CIVIC VIII HATCHBACK (FN, FK), LEXUS IS I (JCE1_, GXE1_)

Symptoms of the pulley failure
  • noise during the rotation of a pulley;
  • axial play;
  • too free belt motion in the pulley;
  • heating of pulley during operation;
  • loosening of the belt;
  • broken belt.
Causes of pulley faults
  • contamination of the pulley;
  • foreign objects between the belt and pulley;
  • disregard of the recommended service life;
  • intense physical impact as a result of the accident;
  • normal wear and tear;
  • improper installation of a pulley;
  • excessive belt tension.

Diagnostics of the item is recommended whenever you notice a loosening of the belt or carry out its replacement.

You can easily check performance of a pulley on your own, turning it by hands. In operation, it should revolve almost silently, smoothly, without backlash. If there are noises or jerks during rotation, as well as the recommended service life is coming to an end, replace the tensioner pulley, as this item can not be repaired.

Replacing the pulley

For replacing the tensioner pulley you can call for help from professionals, and do it independently. This will require a basic set of tools, a new part and simple mechanical skills.

To replace the tensioner pulley, use the following sequence of actions:

  • 1. Remove tension from the belt by loosening the tensioner bolt.
  • 2. Remove the axle bolt completely, remove the pulley.
  • 3. Install the new tensioner pulley.
  • 4. Adjust the belt tension.
  • 5. Check the part and the correct belt tension.

Replacing the tensioner pulley is recommended when it malfunctions, and at each planned replacement of the belt as a preventive measure.

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