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Replace a Spare part Fog light bulb – a defective one or if the limit of use has been already reached. Find out useful information about Fog light bulb

Fog light bulbs: operation features

Fog light bulbs are intended to improve visibility in poor weather - rainy, foggy or snowy. They do not only illuminate the road and roadsides but also warn other drivers that there is a vehicle on the road. Fog lights are usually fitted with conventional or halogen filament bulbs.

Tips on how to choose, use and replace them

  • An average lifespan of these products is from 400 to 1,500 hours. However, if you’ve noticed that their light intensity has been considerably reduced, or they flicker, it might be necessary to prematurely replace them.
  • It is better to buy two fog light bulbs at a time as replacing these electrical devices in pairs can guarantee uniform and high quality lighting.
  • Make sure that the specifications of the bulb you are going to buy are identical to those of your car’s standard equipment. At present, fog lights are most often fitted with H1, H3, H4, H7, H9, H10, H11, НB3, НB4, НB5, etc. bulbs.
  • Do not use lamps with the wattage higher than rated. This might lead to the light housing getting damaged, and is prohibited by law. Moreover, xenon bulbs shouldn’t be installed into the lights intended for halogen lamps.
  • There are LED bulbs designed for fog lights. They are characterised by durability, higher luminous efficiency and long service life. However, before buying these items, make sure that they are allowed to be used on public roads in your country.
  • When installing halogen bulbs don’t touch their shell with bare hands. Oily stains left on the glass shell quickly turn into soot deposits and cause local overheating and, as a result, premature breakdown of the device.

Malfunctions of fog light bulbs, their causes and symptoms

  • Filament breakage. The filament can get blown or broken. The common cause of burning-out is voltage surges or constantly high voltage in the electrical system. The filament might get torn due to shaking or vibration.
  • Cracking. This might happen because of a collision or when extraneous objects hit the lamp. Besides, harmful are rapid changes of temperature when, for example, driving through a cold puddle with a damaged light housing. is an ideal place for buying car parts

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